Saturday, April 10, 2010

Big Moves, Dog and Pony Show Edition

The other day, I put a shout-out up on Facebook asking for help hauling horses to the vet for Coggins tests, the first step in getting them re-homed. My good friend Lisa responded right away, and we made plans for today. She was here first thing this morning, and we caught who we could (all but one) and took off for the vet.

By the time we'd gotten the horses into the trailer, Lisa had decided to just take Kate and her baby on home with her after the vet. I did NOT object. This was the best possible outcome for Kate, who is running happily on acres and acres of beautiful grass now, instead of picking her way through rocks over here on the Mountainside of Barren Terrain. The relief I feel is enormous, as was the sense of joy I got from watching that filly stretch out and really run for the first time in her young life. Lisa owns Kate's full sister, who had a foal of her own just a few days after Kate foaled, so the two of them will grow up together, playing as only baby horses can. I love it.

They didn't so much as look back when they got out of the trailer, which was fine with me.


Lisa went back out later and got some better shots...looks like these girls are gonna be just fine. Now I only need homes for two more horses!

Kate and filly, new home!

fuzzy filly

Oh, and also on that trip, Erik the colt became Erik the gelding. He doesn't want to talk about it, and requests no pictures be taken at this sensitive time. He'll get back to you later, when he has reconciled himself to his new identity as one of the nutless.

We'd no more than pulled back onto our street when my cell phone rang to let me know that Kathy and Caitlen were in town to pick up Reggie and Gabby for a little vacation in Indianapolis. Reggie will be romancing the lovely Josephine, and a couple of other Indiana ladies, and I'm sure he'll deliver some beautiful puppies for the Hoosiers. I mean, how could this pair miss?

CH Renaissance Creative Impulse, aka "Reggie"
CH Renaissance Creative Impulse, "Reggie"

CH Serenade's Sweet Surprise, "Josephine"

Oh, and that bitch? Is a thousand times more gorgeous in person, if you can believe it. She created such a stir in the PetsMart parking lot that her owner, Caitlen, ultimately had to HIDE her so we could have a minute of peace. People came from all corners to admire her and ask all kinds of crazy questions. My favorite: "Is that a poodle?" Nope, wolverine. Stand back!

Also traveling is our beautiful, sweet Gabby. Gabby is kind of Mommy's special pocket dog, and she'll be sorely missed while she's gone. But she and handsome Taz will no doubt deliver the next generation of champions in silver for Sue and Kathy. I'm nearly giddy with anticipation to see what comes of this cross.

CH Kallista Tintype At Renaissance, "Taz"

CH Aery Silde Straight Talk, "Gabby"

Since things are still way too upside-down here for us to be doing any breeding or showing at present, I'm grateful to Sue and Kathy and Caitlin for allowing us to keep our noses in the game, and I'm glad that the next generation of amazing dogs is forthcoming.

It was a good day for us and our animals!


  1. Eric? Who is Eric? I remember Music and Victor. Was there a name change somewhere along the way?

    I talked to Kathy today. They made it home 3 a.m.ish our time. Gabby went home with Caitlen for a new hairdo, and Reggie is doing fine, of course. Always open to romance and adventure, is Reggie.


  2. omg are those horses beautiful! (and the poodles, too!) You are so lucky that the horses went to a friend nearby. What you are not saying in these posts is that you guys must still be having a really rough time, and I want you to know that I'm thinking about you and sending love your way.

  3. Music ofthe Night = "Erik" (the name of the Phantom)

    Yay, tell Caitlen to send pics! Gabby had a nice amount of hair to work with, I bet she'll look gorgeous. Or I guess she could be clipping her down for convenience, which also works for her.

    And thanks, Amy.

  4. Kate is gorgeous -- she looks so beautifully balanced in the photos. And I can see why Josephine drew a crowd but Reggie looks just as awesome. (Haven't heard anything about Jacy for awhile but I consider that a good thing. Just showed her photo to a Standard Poodle person this past week.)

  5. I love that the horses have a place to run. It is so nice to see our animals happy.

    Big hugs to you as you make all the changes you need to make. I know it is hard.

  6. Andrea, Jacy is still with Julie, poodlin' it up with Tate. Spoilt entirely. ;-)

    Suebob, thanks. I think I'll be able to manage for two horses, my Misha and a buddy, so that'll be alright.

  7. Nice to hear that your lovely horsies are being re-homed, in a place that make you happy and looks like they too, are content!

    I had to chuckle about your comments re question: "Is that a poodle?". Many years ago, I was walking my first ever SP, and a young guy walks up and says: "Hey, that looks just like a poodle"! LOL!

    Alice in Nova Scotia

  8. Best of luck on the breedings!!! My youngest has his first litter due at the end of this week - totally nerve-wracking as my 1st time as stud dog owner!