Monday, April 12, 2010

Big Breakfast. Or Little Breakfasts. Whatever.

salami mini-frittatas
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This is another breakfast shortcut--anything that cuts down on what I have to do in the morning is good in my book. Plus we all do better throughout the day if we get a hit of protein first thing in the morning. It's so hard to get out of that whole "morning is the time to eat cereal grains" mindset, but that really is the worst thing you can do to your poor body after a night-long fast. OK, maybe not worse than skipping breakfast entirely. But close.

Anyway, this was so incredibly easy, and it's endlessly customizable. Basically, they're just little mini oven-baked frittatas. You can do them in regular muffin cups or minis (pictured here).

6 eggs
1 cup of any cheese (I used sharp cheddar here)
1 cup total of other add-ins (I used 3/4 c salami and 1/4c chives)
salt & pepper and/or herbs to taste
splash of milk or cream (or almond milk, etc.--even water)

Mix it all together, pour into WELL greased muffin cups (I sprayed mine too lightly with Pam, and they stuck on the bottoms), and bake at 350 just until eggs are set. You don't want them brown. 20-30 minutes-ish. Cool, then refrigerate or freeze, and give 'em a zap in the morning for breakfast.

Eggs are so awesome. Seriously, do anything here. Bacon, mushrooms, onions, sausage, spinach, feta...basically anything that would be good in an omelet or a quiche would work fine.

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