Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Big Doin's

I think Eden has lured me back into regular blogging with April's theme: "Big." Big being what I am, and what I don't want to be, and big being the burden of things that must be done around here, and big being the stresses we're under. I think I'm going to focus on food, weight-loss, and organizing. Gee, but this is a familiar refrain. I lost a good amount of weight last spring, pretty quickly, by eliminating grains and sugar and keeping effective carb counts down to 10 or fewer per meal/snack. It was easy. And then, when things got hectic, I just kind gave up and went back to eating whatever Alex and Bella were eating--yeah, that didn't work out so great for me. So now it's back on the horse. And this time, I'm taking everyone with me...for the most part. Everyone's going to get plenty of good healthy food, and I'm going to plan better. I hope.

I don't anticipate big problems with the family. I just served Alex a bedtime mixed-berry smoothie which contained not only a Chia-Pet's worth of chia seeds, but about three fistfuls of spinach. After sucking down about half of it, he said, "This is really good, Honey." To which I replied, "Well, you're going to drink it anywa--what? I mean...yeah, it is!"


  1. So, tell me more about this weight loss plan. Are there books that you've based it on? Because now that I've weaned Ollie, I'm pretty much open to whatever will get this baby weight OFF, and FAST. Gah. I'm so sick of weighing the same as my husband. Help a sister out?

  2. It started for me with Taubes' "Good Calories, Bad Calories," but if I had to pinpoint a plan that works for me, it be would the one laid out in Eades' "Protein Power" books. He's got a great blog, too...very science-heavy. Right up your critical-thinking alley, I'd imagine.

  3. smoothie reciplease