Friday, January 22, 2010

And Then, Every Once In A While, We Dance

So after the angst-fest last night, I logged into World of Warcraft. Because there, depending on my persona-du-jour, I can fight evil with a crossbow and pet wolf, explode badness with magic spells, protect my friends with frozen armor, or best of all, heal the world. And my kidneys don't hurt, and I can turn flips when I jump...and, um, I can jump. After Alex went to bed, I started doing mage know, turning bad dudes into pigs or sheep, and freezing monsters in blocks of ice to immobilize them while I explode them with the power of my mind. It's a darn fine form of escapism, especially when you're surrounded by and smothered with the enfeeblement of real life and the limitations of the actual human body...and you can't go outside.

A few minutes in, one of my guild-mates asked if I'd like to run through a dungeon with her, and I happily agreed, and we started looking for others to fill out our party. It was about this time that Alex woke up, saw that I was doing something without him, and insisted on coming along. Not much use in arguing, and fortunately, we have amazing, wonderful, compassionate and understanding friends in-game who don't care if the hunter takes a few extra seconds to mark a target or send his razorback into the fight (yeah, his pet is a wild boar--what else would it be?). In other words, they're willing to carry their friends when needed, with no complaints. I asked if it was OK if he joined, and of course was told yes.

It was a largely uneventful run--I don't think anyone died, and it was lots of fun for everyone. We even stopped and took a victory screenshot at the end after downing the big boss. Because we are soooo dorky.

Poor Ingvar Had A Bad Day

That's Alex's hunter on the left, then our bud Drifty, that's Alex's ferocious pig, Jasmine, right behind my squishy little mage-self with my glowing stick of death, and over on the right is a warrior you do not wanna run into if you harbor any bad intentions, because she will shout you to death.

It was after all this, when I'd said my goodbyes and offered my thanks to my fine friends, that I looked over and saw this:

We've Decided to Dance All the Bad Guys to Death.

And I smiled.

Somewhere, deep inside, beyond the overwhelming sadness and confusion, there was a whimsical, joyful spark in my husband. Something that felt, just for a moment and in a virtual world, like dancing. And while his spike-helmeted avatar busted his MJ moves, my heart danced a little, as well.

Sometimes it's the very small things, the tiny moments.


  1. A very big part of the reason that I think I can never, ever really quit the game, no matter how many Real Life things are demanding my attention: the people. You guys. I feel like I'm a part of a community in ways that I haven't found in the Blogger World -and I HAVE felt a part of a community in here. Being able to help each other and work together on goals that are sometimes tedious and sometimes hilarious just makes it more.. real... even though it's not. It's so difficult to explain to someone who hasn't really given it a serious try how awesome it can be. Sure, there are jerks (like our first healer for last night's run) but there are jerks in real life and in blogging life. The beauty of WoW is the /ignore feature. Sometimes it'd be nice to have /ignore in RL :)

    I'm so glad that we can shed a little joy in your difficult Real Life, even if it's tiny. I'd tank you guys through an instance ANYTIME. AND carry your slack-ass DPSing, too. :D

  2. :-))) Big smiles for you! - Rita

  3. Love the post. I'm not currently playing WoW, but have been and will again when finances get settled down.

  4. That's awesome. You know, I read every entry - and often don't know what to say, but I miss you - I miss hearing about you and Bella and Alex. Just know you are in my thoughts often and you are loved. xoxo

  5. I used to play WOW (my name was Malawk in Thunderhorn realm) before I quit to spend more time with my wife and kids. Anyway, I'm confined to a powerchair and a RL friend (Linaeus, Pattymelt in WOW) asked me to check out your blog.

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    God Bless