Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Reputation As A Consumer Preceeds Me

customer woman

And yes, Cracker Barrel. I ordered a sock monkey, because the sock monkey people at Schylling, via do not make their monkeys out of a sock AT ALL, which, if you ask me, kind of negates the toy being in any way a SOCK. MONKEY. Not that I'm bitter. If only they'd known they were trifling with Customer Woman, they might've thought twice before sending me an inferior monkey. Yay, Cracker Barrel!


  1. You go Customer Woman! No sockless monkeys in the Miller household.

  2. I've gotta take another picture of Mallory's sock monkey puppet footie pajamas.

    If you hadn't put that spam filter on to moderate this comment I'm pretty sure that previous sentence would have done it for you anyway.