Sunday, November 01, 2009

Best Thing Written In this House Today

be afraid

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Email From Bella

Mom, thank YOU for taking me out to go trunk-or-treating with you and trick-or-treating with Grayson! I wonder what I will be next year... Dracula? A Witch? Scary Godmother? (like in the show Scary Godmother) A Skeleton? What do you suggest? Godzilla? *laughs* The Incredible Hulk? (P.S. I made Elvis' hair with my Tigger Pop! *laughs again*) You tell me what you suggest! Elvis? E-Mail me back and tell me!

I love her little *laugh* asides.


  1. I've seen reporters with journalism degrees not understand punctuation the way Bella does. She just made my heart grow three sizes.

  2. I just realized that she even got the plural apostrophe right with the phrase about Elvis' hair. Reckon this kid reads a little? I sure didn't actively teach her this stuff.

  3. WHAT I MEANT WAS, the possessive on the proper noun-that-ends-with-an-'s'. See? I am obviously not teaching her.

  4. Holy cow, that child is pure genius.