Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Car Gets 40 Rods To The Hogshead, And That's The Way I Likes It!

Bella's got a little upper respiratory infection, and has been out of school all week (and can't go back tomorrow, despite testing negative for flu and mono, because she had a low-grade fever today). Today we went to the doctor, and got a prescription for antibiotics and sinus meds. We had to go to Walgreen's to get them filled, and this resulted in a good hour of standing around the store waiting. Waiting is not one of Bella's favorite pastimes. Nor mine, for that matter, but I've gotten a little better at it over the years with practice. She was reading every label and every sign in the store, with running commentary. CONSTANT running commentary. The following was the most memorable portion.

Bella: "One Hour Photo."

Me: "What, Hon?"

Bella: "Over there. 'One Hour Photo.' I think you can have your picture made while you wait!"

Me: "Oh, no, Sweetie, that's a photo developing center. People drop off their film there to be developed, then come back in an hour to pick up their pictures."

Bella: (enunciating the first word slowly and deliberately, as if sampling something new and exotic) "Film? What do you mean?"

And then they called our name, and I paid for her medicine and my Geritol, and came home to soak my dentures.


  1. Ha! I tried to explain "film" to the Lad when we saw it in a book ("Flotsam", which I recommend highly). I'm still not sure if he gets it. Then we talked about vinyl records, and the wonder of the first VCRs, and life before microwave ovens.

  2. Hey Belinda! Save some Geritol for me too, willya? I've missed you around here, but understand you've had more than your (unfair) share of life's zigzags. Wishing you, Alex and Bella peace, and missing tales of the Impulse poos! Barb and Yogi

  3. Ha, ha! Good one! Perhaps 30 years ago, my husband was mowing the lawn with the old fashioned non-motorized(even then) push mower. A little kid watched in amazement and exclaimed "Hey, that thing works just like a lawn mower!"


  4. I remember the first time I showed my son a record album on vinyl. He asked me if that is what CD's looked like before they made them smaller.

    God, we are so old.


  5. I'm feeling old, too. How did film get obsolete so quickly?

    One day I asked my teen to imagine a time when no food could be cooked in two minutes, and warming up leftovers took up to half an hour.

    She said, "Wow, that sucks!"
    I said, "That's what it was like before microwaves.