Tuesday, April 28, 2009


First tiny strawberry and quail egg...about the size of a dime!


  1. :) - nice photo!

  2. I'm a Daddy and a blogger (not a "daddy blogger" though) and I wanted to give you guys a shout out... This message is sent to all the mommy bloggers I know, but I assure you, it is sent by hand and is meant to honor you... not be promotional.

    I am a smartphone maniac and I love my Blackberry Curve 8900. I started a new blog about the Palm Pre. There's a TON of buzz about it online and even Palm tried giving one to Howard Stern, but he didn't like it... it was a pretty major embarrassment for Palm because they're already getting killed by Apple and RIM (makers of Blackberry)

    I have a 1.5 year old son so I wrote a post about how mommy bloggers can review the Palm Pre and you are more important than Howard Stern. I hope you enjoy the blog post... share it with your readers and see what other "creative" things their kids have done to their cell phones.


    Raza Imam

  3. Oooh. I wish I had some strawberries growing right now... I need to find some runners from someone!

  4. Nice! I'm anxious to see my jalepenos start up. Poppers!

    I just found your blog. I'm a fellow Arkansan and have been looking to network with other Arkansas bloggers. Do you know of any groups or organizations specifically for our state?

  5. That is a very very cute quail egg picture! Did you take it yourself?? It's really cute and makes me think of spring!