Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Women Bloggers to GoDaddy: "ENHANCE THIS."

That rallying cry from the super-sharp Glennia Campbell, immediately following Sunday's Super Bowl. Glennia, like many of us, decided that she'd finally had enough of GoDaddy's objectifyingly sexist, puerile, and all that aside, just plain stupid boobalicious ad campaign. We're also fairly disgusted at Danica Patrick's willing involvement in same.

We're tired of women not being taken seriously as human beings--for much of the advertising world, we're only as good as how much our bodies can be used to sell things. Heaping insult on injury is the fact that, as GoDaddy MUST SURELY KNOW, women make up a commanding portion of the heavy Internet-using demographic. So they're insulting and demeaning a market to which, by all good sense, they should be catering. It's baffling. As Consumerist's Ben Popken noted, it's as if their motto is, "GoDaddy: Because chicks never register domains!"

When asking why a company would behave this way, we can only conclude that it's, well...because they CAN. Because this idiocy works. Because their bottom line, carried on artificial breasts, is strong.

Well, Glennia had finally had enough. She wrote to GoDaddy, expressing her dismay at their ad campaign, and cancelling her several domain registration accounts with them. They didn't care.

I am another woman who, being cheap and all, has multiple domains registered through GoDaddy. No more. I'm answering Glennia's unintentional rallying cry, and dumping GoDaddy like a bad habit...which is, essentially, what it is. There's no good reason to use a company like this. According to Glennia's update as of today, another registrar, Register.com, has proactively stepped up to the plate and is being smart, acommodating, and respectful in helping GoDaddy deserters transfer their domains to the care of a company whose directors have unscuffed knuckles and are able to breathe through their noses.

If you're a woman, and you have a domain or domains registered through GoDaddy, won't you join me, and Glennia, in a form of protest that makes a difference? If you're a MAN with a domain or domains registered through GoDaddy, hey, they're not exactly complimenting YOUR intelligence, either. Let them know that you are too smart and too civilized to have your decisions informed merely by the presence of boobies. Because you ARE better than that, guys.


If you're like me, and slow to make nit-picky technical changes (because, really, isn't the status quo always easier than doing what's right, at least in the short run?), Glennia has helpfully posted a detailed step-by-step guide to transferring your domain(s) away from GoDaddy. The folks over at Register.com are ready, willing, and able to help out.

Let's let GoDaddy know that there's no way to enhance crap to make it look like anything but crap. We're better than this. AND this.

EDITED TO ADD: When I hit "publish" on this post, and the site came up, I saw, through a delicious twist of fate, that the BlogHer sidebar ad on the right was for Register.com. I didn't even know that they were a BlogHer advertiser, but am thrilled to learn that they are!


  1. a lifetime or two ago I worked in sales, and hands down the absolute most disgusting, beyond horrible and abusive customer I ever dealt with in 10 years was a one Ed Parsons, then of Parsons Tech. now, I presume of GoDaddy.
    Based on that experience, I'm not surprised at all.

  2. I love personal anecdotes. ;-)

  3. Hear hear! what do boobs have to do with buying domain names anyway?

  4. I'll be happy to attempt to remove my domain from GoDaddy. (If I can manage it per the directions you linked here. ;) )

  5. Rock on. I dislike GoDaddy and have always refused to register anything with them. I'm glad others are noticing.

  6. Thanks for the shout out! Glad to be of use on this.

  7. Ick, I visited their site and they have the "internet" only version of the commercial with a little flame image for "hot". Really. Ick. What are they now, a porn site?

    Ok, must find time in hectic schedule to find new registrar. And to stop recommending, like I forgot to do after last 2 superbowls.

  8. I'm really glad you wrote this. I've been with Register.com for almost 10 years and they have been just wonderful.

    I twittered this, but GoDaddy's commercial along with the other Superbowl ads illustrated how women were only for shutting up, stripping down or showering (with other women).

  9. Conservative Christians are also defecting from GoDaddy, but will that affect them? Traffic to GoDaddy.com spiked after their Super Bowl commercials aired, but whether that will translate to paying customers is another matter.

  10. Sadly, the GoDaddy ads were the most Tivo'd (http://tinyurl.com/bmjkza). I had hoped for more from American males. Alas. As for me, I moved my domains today and all my clients will not be registered there.

  11. I hope I don't get stoned to death fr this, but I thought the commercials were funny, not offensive. I've used GoDaddy for all of our sites for years, and they've always been great - even if the commercials are offensive to some, their service is great, as are their rates.

    Sorry Belinda, you know I love ya, but I think you (and many others) are taking this wayyyy too seriously.

  12. If THIS is taking something too seriously what does it take to offend you, Erin?

  13. Yeah, I've heard from a few men that women are "making too much of this." I don't agree--it's a personal issue, though. I also hated the stupid Doritos commercial where the guy bites a chip and it causes a woman's clothes to fly off...but I already don't buy Doritos, so I'm kind of helpless there.

    Nope, this is an issue where the only voice I have is in my wallet. I can only protest by choosing where to spend my money, and I choose, finally, anywhere else. My business says "NODaddy."

    Language that tells people who are marginalized or exploited that the problem lies with THEM (i.e. "You're just too sensitive," "lighten up," "Can't you take a joke?" etc.) has long been used to defend boorish (and worse) behavior.

    And just for the record, I DO love Erin. We just disagree on this. ;-)

  14. When I saw the commercial (I skipped the superbowl, and watched the commercials on YouTube instead lol) I was actually kind of impressed that the message they sent (at least in the one commercial) was that Danica, the spokesperson for GoDaddy, was the one woman in the court room who WASN'T "enhanced." I mean she's totally flat chested!

    I mean I'm not arguing that the commercials aren't sexist, I'll even play along and say they were written from a 16 year old boy's over-sexed hormonal point of view. I just didn't personally get offended. I've seen way worse (and yeah, the doritos one actually strikes me as more wrong than the GoDaddy one)

    Anyway, Hi Belinda! I can NOT believe how BIG that gorgeous child of yours has gotten - and all the more beautiful as she gets older. Man y'all got great genes!

  15. In case you need another reason to dump GoDaddy, they've been using their subsidiary to practice shady domain name warehousing to drive up prices. http://tinyurl.com/5w24xc

    Or the fact CEO Bob Parsons feels that the interrogation methods the United States is using at Guantanamo "are incredibly mild."

    Lastly, have you seen his blog?

  16. Hi, Like your blog :-)

    Just thought I'd let you know that non-US peeps who had trouble viewing the ads can see at least one of them here: http://videos.godaddy.com/super-bowl-commercials.aspx

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