Tuesday, February 17, 2009

BECAUSE, That's Why!

I get a lot of flack about my dogs. There are too many, they're underfoot, they live in the house and sprawl on the furniture, they steal my expensive goat cheese, they require frequent haircuts, they eat better than most people, and they're ninjas. Why? Why, Belinda? Why do you have all those dogs? Why do they live in the house? I never quite know how to answer that last one, because I have no idea why people who keep their dogs exclusively outdoors even want to have a dog. And I'll be the first to admit that, yeah, according to most peoples' standards, I do have "too many" dogs. Could I get rid of one? Well, no. But you'll notice that I haven't added any more since the numbers have been at this level. Can't we just call that progress?

But see, last night was a bad night for me, as many nights are, lately. I was agitated, anxious, and couldn't relax and go to sleep for love or money. I was really stressed. And then, at some point, the old dog at my feet stretched out and laid her head across my legs. She breathed an enormous sigh, and with that exhalation, relaxed and sank the whole of her weight into my legs.

All at once, I felt better. Yes, just like that. I immediately felt my blood pressure lower, my heart rate slow, and my jaw unclench. I felt at peace. All the things I'd been trying in vain to achieve all day long, a dog accomplished in one well-timed breath, and I went right to sleep.

And THAT is what good dogs do, and why it's nice to have a few (or more) of them around.


  1. You have that right. I can always fall asleep if my beagle is snoring, or a chi is sleeping so close to me that they might meld into me. I have quite a few already and am planing on my next one.

  2. Exactly!

    Sometimes just the sound of their breathing on the floor next to me can lull me to sleep.

  3. I don't think I know... exactly how many dogs do you have?

  4. God bless you and your poodles.

  5. I totally feel you on this one! My poodle has the same effect on many others as a therapy dog, too-- when severely disabled people burrow their hands/faces/anything in his plush coat they seem to melt and relax. This is medically documented, btw, to lower blood pressure in all humans, but especially therapeutic in sick patients. So there!

  6. My house seems empty with just one dog. But, luckily for her, she is spoiled rotten. She has her own armchair in front of the TV and has bed privileges when Daniel is not home.
    I'd have more dogs if I could afford them and had a bigger backyard.
    Besides, I've kept your dogs and frankly, they are a hoot & I can see why you love every last one of them.

  7. Exactly!

    While our house seems quite full with four dogs (and we're not planning on adding any new dogs any time soon), I cannot imagine my life without them. They're such a comfort. Most especially Ryder. Truly, he's the most spoiled, because he is the *best* dog ever. Perhaps it's that he's a ninja.

  8. Exactly! Now, can you just explain why we need a few more around here to my husband?! I've been trying to get him to agree to another greyhound for over a year - I don't think he's gonna cave any time soon. :(

    I love your poodles, I can't believe anyone would suggest keeping them outside!

  9. I have only one dog and he is quite enough for me, although my man would like to have a playmate for him. But I am with you on not keeping the dogs outside, I HATE that. If that's what you're going to do, leave your dog or cat outside, then don't bother getting one. Someone else will surely take better care of that animal and make it a beloved member of their family.

  10. My miniature ninja poodle is laying (lying?) across my lap and half of my laptop as I try to type this.

    My Maggie the Poodle brings me joy and something to laugh at everyday. I bet a houseful of poodles would bring absolute hilarity. Power to the poodles!

  11. I have five lab-mixes (mostly good natured mutts)I can't sleep with out them, and they are the BEST toe warmers! When my husband gets up in the morning, they ALL take over so that I never wake up alone.

    Dogs are the Best !

  12. There is something comforting about lounging with poodles (or any other dog...although poodles will be the first to tell you that they are not just merely dogs), and there's times when nothing else can make me feel better.

  13. Until recently (say... last week...) I was one of those people who had a dog who stayed outdoors. Actually, for years and years I was one of those people who *didn't* want a dog at all - but had kids and a husband who did. Then came Pebbles, the tiniest little blue-eyed red-nosed pit puppy I've ever seen.

    She lives inside now, she sleeps at my feet. She follows me everywhere. And I love her - can't imagine not having her -- she has the same effect on me, laying on my feet all relaxed, careless and totally trusting...

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