Monday, November 03, 2008

And The Latest

Well. Mom has now been seen by a specialist in infectious diseases, who has concluded that she doesn't have any. Infectious diseases, that is. He believes that the whole mess--the fever, the rash, the vomiting, was all a reaction to cephalexin. And if I'd been paying attention today when the previous doctor ordered her a dose of Rocephin, I'd have recognized that he was, in fact, ordering her yet another cephalosporin. OOOPS. But so far, she hasn't had a reaction to that one.

They are not yet willing, however, to release her from the hospital if there's any risk of another reaction to antibiotics, and since she MUST stay on antibiotics due to the reconstruction surgery, she must also stay in the hospital at least another day. She's bored out of her gourd, but looking strong and healthy, and full of energy and good spirits.

She did tear up a little at the compassion of a (to her, anyway) stranger, when I read her the letter that accompanied a hand-knitted cap (thanks so much, Robin) that had a prayer "knitted into" each stitch. She is touched by the kindness and support of pretty much the whole world right now, and very thankful that the treatments she's enduring are even available to her.

In other news, I did not get hit in the kisser by any poultry today, but I did run from one end of my house to the other, peeking out each window in succession, and crying tears of hysterical laughter as the water-meter reader was very nearly sexually harassed by my Tom turkeys. When they first came running at him, the poor guy froze in this tracks--he didn't know whether to poop his pants or wind his watch. Really, it wasn't funny. Except that it was. Especially that first "group gobble."

Good times.


  1. It's times like this I would like to borrow your turkeys. Just to see the look on the construction guys' faces when (if) they show up to finish my kitchen.



    Best wishes to your mom! So glad things are on the mend.

    Also? Once again your security check is speaking wordz to me.

    It says "pericedd". I think I will come up with a fun meaning for it and torture you with it later.

  2. kisses, b. i'm holding you all in my heart.

  3. So glad your Mom is on the mend. When I read your description of what happened to her, I wondered if she was reacting to meds. Thankfully, a pretty easy fix!

  4. I'm so glad that your mom is feeling better and it is not an infection, a reaction is still as scary, but at least you can change meds. Much easier fix than an infection. I hope everythign goes well from here on out.

    That would have been hilarious to watch nad after being chased by mean geese as a child on a regular basis, I can feel sympathy for him:o)

  5. I've been following the tweet and am very happy to hear that your mom is doing so well and that they've figured out what was going on!

    XOXO to all of you!

  6. Can I borrow your turkeys for parent teacher conferences? I'll only unleash them on the ones who deserve it.

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