Saturday, November 01, 2008

And Back Again

It's almost midnight. I just got back from the hospital, where Mom was re-admitted, via the Emergency Room. She's doing much better now than she was when we brought her in, but she's had a rough day for sure.

After just doing great in her surgery recovery over the last 10 days, today Mom suddenly spiked a fever, with hard chills and vomiting. There was a lovely rash that seemed to go along with it for a while, but since that pretty much went away when her doctor d/c'd her Keflex, we're thinking the rash was maybe a coincidence.

She's been admitted to a (thankfully) private room in the hospital now, after being seen by both her surgeon and an internist. They're doing nine (or more) kinds of bloodwork, culturing everything in and on her that can be cultured, and have performed a CT scan and gotten her on IV fluids. She was dozing comfortably on a very quiet wing of a quiet floor of the hospital about an hour ago, so Andrea and I went ahead and came on home, after extracting a promise from her that she would not hesitate to make use of her call button if she needs anything during the night. We'll go back over in the morning and see what's what.

Repeat after me, universe: NO SURGICAL INFECTION.


    but lots of love


    Best wishes and prayers.

  3. Awww geez, seems like sometimes post surgery is worse than what led up to it. She's where she needs to be, close to IV antibiotics and pain meds. Here's hoping for NO SURGICAL INFECTION!
    Y'all hang in there.

  4. Aww B! No surgical infection!!
    All my love to you and yours.

  5. Sending all sorts of positive vibes your way for a quick recovery for your mom.

  6. that's my mantra for today... No Surgical Infection. Sending her (and the rest of your family) warm thoughts and positive energies!

  7. Let me know if I can do anything!!!


    Alice and the Poodles of Sambro, Nova Scotia

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