Wednesday, September 03, 2008

We Have To Come Up With A Better Way To Start The School Year

I forgot to post how our first day of kindergarten wound up. It ended like this:

I'm starting to see a pattern here

Just a little nosebleed, nothing to get frantic over--the blood you see in that photo is all the blood there was. But it upset her, because it was blood. It happened on the drive home from school the first day. Which was kind of a bummer, but still better than how she came home from her first day of school last year. Remember this?

The first day of school didn't end as well as it started

Yes, school is getting better simply because this year's teacher didn't drop anything on her head yet.


  1. Not too worry, it happens to the best of us...

    In college I had to go the hospital and get stitches when a door swung upon and hit me in the face.

  2. I am so sorry.

    So very sorry.

    But that second photo made me laugh so hard at the look on her face I am in pain.

    Penance I know.

    BUT HER FACE! Gotta love that expression!

    Oh and Boo came home on his first day of school, early, with a broken foot.

  3. OY! What is it about school?! Jack made it into week 2 before we got the dreaded phone call from the teacher. One visit to the ER and many, many tears later and it turned out to be a fractured clavicle. Apparently he fought with a playground tree and lost. Radical.
    Here's hoping we're all done with injuries for the year, eh? (knocking on some serious wood).

  4. oh no, poor Bella! Her eyes are so big and sad in that first photo :( But yay for not having anything dropped on her head this year, that's a definite bonus :)