Sunday, August 03, 2008

Before And After

I don't ask often, but if these "before and after" pictures frighten or anger you, head over to my post at the Arkansas Times, and then the follow-up post on the Times' home page to comment. We're talking about Chesapeake Energy, and the real-life consequences that befall residents of neighborhoods where Chesapeake comes to drill.

It could happen to anyone. What if you worked for years in order to be able to afford a small piece of land in a quiet, rural neighborhood, with these views from your back yard...

before Chesapeake 1

before Chesapeake 2

...and then, seemingly overnight, you're living in the middle of this?

this is what replaced forest

instead of allowing the wood to be harvested, all the trees are just burned as they're cut down

nice view...NOT

Oh, and you should know that, along with the deforestation and destruction, comes 'round-the-clock noise, constant heavy traffic, air pollution, and literally earth-shattering blasts from a water cannon at regular intervals.

Chesapeake Energy's slogan? "Doing The Nation A World Of Good." You know, as long as it's someone else's part of that nation. I doubt that this is happening in the backyard of any Chesapeake executives.

Go. Comment. Make yourselves heard.


  1. 'Round about my part of the world, if they want to do this on your property they ask if you want to cooperate. If you do, they have to pay you rent on the site and any roads leading to it. They also have to reclaim the land to its previous condition when they're done. If you don't want to do it, they can't come on your land.

    It looks like that's not the way it is there?

  2. has anyone spoken to the Arkansas Public Utilities Commission? I understand that these guys aren't working on your friend's land; they're working on adjacent land that someone else owns. But my God! There has to be someone who holds them accountable!

  3. Oh, that's horrid. I'm so sorry for your friends, Belinda!

  4. I'm speechless and sad. That's just awful.

  5. Have you read Nicholas Evans' novel "The Divide"? It's eerily similar to this setting. Great novel - but given what you know, it'll keep you up at night.

  6. ummm,what happened to the leaves on the trees?

    aaaand, I am assuming that this all happened on a neighbor's property?

  7. OH MY GAWD this would not happen in Oregon, but some energy company wanted to put up twenty-five 400 foot wind turbines in a national scenic area, just up the road, and the community is fighting them tooth and nail. I mean, I'm all for clean and green, but not at the expense of the Columbia Gorge!

    Sorry this happened to folks you know. Really freakin' horrible!