Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Preschool Musical

Don't even bother fighting "High School Musical." I held off as long as possible, but apparently, it will hunt you down and get you in the end. Bella thinks that the "sing-along" version is the BEST THING EVER. And yeah, you really need a pointy princess hat to truly get your groove on.

I can't seem to edit this clip because of its format, but the best part is the last half. Family members will probably want to watch it all, particularly listening for a tiny Southern drawl belting out phrases like "rock the hay-ouse."

Preschool Musical from Belinda Miller on Vimeo.

In food news, the only thing I made from scratch today was a blueberry smoothie. And then I drank the whole thing myself, no sharing. It's been that kind of day.

Good thoughts and prayers, please, for my sweet mother in-law, who's in the hospital overnight having some tests (and won't be able to get mad at me for posting that until it's already too late).


  1. Love the pointy hat! We used to wear these in college for our madrigal dinners. We were all, well, princesses.
    Good luck to MIL.

  2. Oh my. Karl was right.

    This IS the most adorable 5 year old. Ever.

  3. Bella is darling!

    All girls need a pink, pointy princess hat, no matter how old they are.

  4. The grin is what really makes it. This is one little girl who is enjoying the heck out of being a kid.

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