Wednesday, July 23, 2008

On Second Thought, I May Be Raising A Lawyer

Me: "Bella, you are not wearing that nice dress to play around the house. Save it for church and school."

Bella: "But I WAAAAANT to wear it! PLEEEEEEASE!"

Me: "I said no."

(silence, heavy with pondering)

Bella: "Mommy, can I ask you a question?"

Me: (bracing myself) "Sure."

Bella: "Mom. Is it, or is it not summer right now?"

Me: "It is summer, yes."

Bella: "And what time of year is the right time to wear a SUN-DRESS?"

Me: "That would be summer time."

Bella: "And is this dress a sun-dress? Remember, Grandmommy told me that it IS."

Me: "Yes, that is a sun-dress."

Bella: (triumphantly) "WELL, THEN! It is perfectly fine for me to wear this dress today, isn't it?"

Me: "Nope. Sorry, Perry Mason, but you're not putting on that dress today."

Bella: "I am NOT Perry Mason, and I don't even know who that is, but you are just wrong about this whole dress thing."


  1. "Is it, or is it not"??

    She's HOW old, again?

  2. Sorry Belinda, but I agree with her logic. Completely!

  3. She's better at arguing her case than some of the attorneys I actually have worked for. Too bad she's dealing with Mommy and not a judge. . .

  4. Just laughed out loud and woke up the baby. Should be pissed about infant waking but mostly am just cackling my fool head off.

    Tell me you let her wear it after that, please? :)

  5. I love how she must have crafted her words prior to approaching you with the first question. Forethought aplenty.

    And the idea of "Is it, or is it not?" coming out of Bella is priceless.

  6. LOL. She cracks me up. Kinda reminds me of myself...

  7. away now! Lord knows how this habit wil grow when she hits 13!!

  8. That's some scarily accurate logic!

    P.S. sigh, I just love seeing the Dr. Horrible banner on blog sidebars.

  9. Hate to see what she is going to do to you when it comes time to wear a WINTER coat.


  10. "I had a rough day in graduate classes."
    "Mom, I know what will make you feel better."
    "We should go to Funset Blvd." (the indoor amusement park)
    No, this didn't happen to me - it happened to a friend of mine, and her son would be a match for Bella!

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