Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Kidding Around, With Spoonbread

This season's HOTTEST look

When it's the middle of summer, on days like this, days when you're hot and tired from long hours of gathering tree flowers AND putting together this year's next hot fashion look (hint: you will need ballet slippers, denim, tie-dye, and at least one bridal veil), you want an easy dinner that you don't have to get hot or work hard preparing, and it being July in Arkansas, the more fresh corn you can incorporate into that meal, the better. The corn, it is coming out our ears (HA HA!) here.

One night, I just made fresh corn spoonbread, and that's all. It went over pretty well, even though it is, technically, "just" a side-dish. Bella is not at all fussy about the composition of her meals, and Alex, while he actually IS fussy about the composition of his meals, will ALWAYS make an exception for any corn-based dish. And spoonbread is another one that lends itself easily to child participation. Once you get the kernels off the cobs, it's pretty much all measuring and stirring, then baking, hands-off. You can get out of the hot kitchen and just wait for the sound of the timer. Of course, you can always use frozen corn, either from the grocery store or some you put up yourself, but right now the stuff is abundant and practically free for the taking. You probably have a gardening friend, neighbor, or relative who'd love to load you up with ten or fifty ears.

fresh corn, yogurt, eggs, melted butter

This recipe calls for yogurt, which is another thing you should probably be making at home--in the summertime, you can even make it in the sun instead of with a fancy yogurt-maker! It also calls for eggs, which I will shortly be gathering by the basketful, so this is definitely something I plan on making again. I should stress to certain people that spoonbread is NOT the same thing as cornbread. You really do have to scoop it out with a spoon to serve, and it's very moist. It's kind of like a cross between cornbread stuffing and bread pudding.

bake at 350F for 45 minutes

So, go find a kid, or just release your own inner child, and whip up some spoonbread. You can have it alongside fried green tomatoes, even! Here's the recipe.


  1. You are being featured on Five Star Friday:

  2. The spoonbread looks delicious! It'll be corn season at the farmers market soon. Corn doesn't like my backyard garden, so we buy it from people who know how to grow it.
    Bella's outfit? Perfect. La Petite would have worn it at that age. I thought it was a princess veil, of course. Silly me.

  3. mmm...looks so good. THe corn isn't ready here in Chicago yet, so I guess we're getting some of Arkansas'.

  4. Yup, I'm hungry now. I bet that would be awesome with some fried whiting and collard greens. Hmm...I think my girlfriend is rubbing off on me.

  5. You mean fried CATFISH with collard greens!

  6. Oh you are making me want some of this soooooo bad. We don't have corn out here yet, but when ours comes on, we should have about 150-300 ears. I believe that's enough to make this recipe, right?

  7. Spoonbread! Man, I haven't thought of that in ages. Reminds me of going to my grandmother's when I was little.

    I may have to make that.

  8. Sounds and looks yummy! You are so lucky to have a family that will eat what you put on the table. My hubby wouldn't dream of just eating that for dinner. He's got to have meat with his meal! Grr!

  9. Delicious. I clipped this recipe last month when I saw it, but made it for the first time tonight, for company. It was great with braised beef short ribs.


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