Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Having Trouble Sleeping?

Here, then. Let us explain to you how your property value is assessed in the state of Arkansas.

Calculating Your Property Values from Belinda Miller on Vimeo.

Also, if you love Joss Whedon (and if you don't, I don't know you), you should definitely be watching this.


  1. oh noooooo! @badwolf loves Dr Horrible too. I'm surrounded.

  2. Umm, may I be the first to say that your girl? She is BRILLIANT.

  3. Um yeah..your kid is a freakin genius! I mean, Grayden totally already knows the word "requisite" too but seriously, that child is SO smart!

  4. HOLY COW - she's FIVE???!!!! DAYUM!

    Hubs & I were loving up Dr. Horrible's sing-along blog just the other night. It was so much fun already with NPH and then Nathan Fillion jumped on top of the van and my heart went all aflutter. HEE HEE HEEEEEEEE!

    And FYI, I googled Nathan to check the spelling of his last name, and was treated to a view of his naked bootay on IMDB. Ya gotta love that.

  5. ZOMG she is so smart! Great reading Bella!
    Also I loved this: "And slash or..."

  6. First, you have the smartest child alive. Second, why did I not know about Dr. Horrible??? Not only do I love Joss Whedon, but Neil Patrick Harris? I'm addicted!

  7. Bella never fails to make me smile! Love that girl. Hope she gets a teacher who appreciates her.

  8. This year, I have a throng of comic con groupies for the sole reason of Dr. Horrible. The cast and creative teams will be there and now everyone wants to go. ha ha ha

    Lucky for those nerds, there is a Browncoat Fan Club meetup too. HA HA HA HA (I never got into Serenity myself, but my theory has always been 'whatever makes the nerds happy makes me happy')

    I'll try and score you some cool Dr. H swag!

  9. She's FIVE? Is she reading Harry Potter yet? Wowza.

    I'm off to see Act II of Dr. Horrible. Love it.

  10. "My penis is the hammer!"

    (and I have to wait to have possession of the other computer before I can hear Bella read technical stuff...but, I'm totally not surprised that she can!)

  11. *snort* Just watched Bella's video. Apart from being INSANE to see a 5 year old read like that, it's clear to me that she's just BARELY putting up w/ you by the end. :)

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