Saturday, July 12, 2008

Garden Update--Now With Less Fail

I'm not even gonna jinx it by taking pictures, but my puny little garden appears to actually be possibly maybe producing some stuff that resembles vegetables, perhaps. There are florets forming atop my ravaged broccoli plants, and the corn ears have gotten bigger. Despite having their tops gnawed off, possibly by a Shetland pony who shall remain nameless, the Roma tomato plant is bravely putting forth at least a dozen lovely green spheres. I've even shifted some soil and groped the carrots beneath it...and there are carrots there! I know. Really. I may have enough carrots to make a cake. Yes, ONE cake. Shut up. Who asked you?

Just for that, you're not getting carrot cake. You'll be sorry.


  1. Hooray! I knew it. I just knew.

  2. Carrot cake = my favorite cake in the history of cake.

  3. Mmmm - carrot cake. With cream cheese icing. You've got to take a picture of it when you make so I can salivate over it.