Friday, July 04, 2008

Five On The Fourth

Look, I haven't done one of these in at least a year, it's a holiday, and it's nearly midnight in a NABLOPOMO effort. You're gettin' a meme. With qualifications--some of it's about food, which fits July's theme, and I was asked nicely by Laurie, one of my very favorite new people (by which I mean that I just recently became aware of her, not that she was just recently invented), who I originally discovered at the (get ready, Karl) Backyard Chickens Forum. Laurie is goodhearted, smart, and exactly the right kind of quirky--I strongly encourage you to check her out. She blogs a lot about food, sustainability, and self-reliance, among many other topics. She shares my views on war, pickles, and Frankenchickens, and appreciates a straight-up roo (you're either down with the straight-up roo or you're not). Also, her blog is one of the ones I can safely read with Bella attached to me and reading over my shoulder, and every time we go to her site, Bella laughs at the old photo of a woman shampooing a chicken in the banner, and also pronounces "Quaker" as "quacker," which I have so far not corrected, because it continues to crack me up. Laurie is, in fact, a Quaker, and she may or may not, in fact, also be a quacker. I haven't met her in person, so I'll have to reserve judgment.

If you feel like playing along (or you're also desperate for a quick post on a holiday weekend), consider yourself tagged. It's a simple Q & A format, folks, nothing tricky.

1) What were you doing 5 years ago? I would have to write a novel to describe that time in my life, pretty much sucked, except for two things: my then 9-month-old daughter was, as she is now, an absolute blessing and a delight, and my dad was still alive. I'd live through all of the hell on earth of that entire time again just to experience those two things a little bit more.

2) What are 5 things on your to-do list for today? Who are these morning-dwelling meme-originators? This day is over in a matter of moments, so I'll have to list some of my tasks for tomorrow, which may or may not get done: Go to the feed store for poultry feed, go to Scott to buy hay, write posts for this space and RealMental, finish and deliver a project for Isabel at AlphaMom (I am a sucker for the gracious ladies of the Internets), and maybe get up to the lake for some family time with Mom and Sis & Fam.

3) What are 5 snacks you enjoy? Kasha, bean sprouts, chai tea, hickory bark, and headcheese. HAHAHAAAA! I am hilarious. Umm, let's see...shall we tell the truth and shame the devil? Potato chips & onion dip, absolutely anything involving cheese and/or cheese flavoring, Gingersnap granola from Wild Oats Market, crackers of all kinds, and brownies. OH, and that Rocky Road Fudge that they make in the bakery department at Knight's Grocery in Cabot. There oughta be a law against that stuff.

4) What are five things you would do if you were a billionaire? OK, more than a BILLION dollars is a whole lot of money for a list of five specific, separate things. I mean, you could pretty much do whatever you wanted, right? I propose changing this question to make the amount something like $100,000, so you'd have to really think about your budget. But obviously, with a cool billion, I'd live on an enormous acreage with all my family and friends, for whom I'd furnish homes, and I'd have other homes all over the place. I'd travel anywhere I wanted to go, any time. I would never think about housework again, ever, in my entire life (You have no idea how close I am to that state already, anyway), nor would I plan menus and cook. Bella would have private tutors, and the best college education money could buy, for as long as she wanted to keep going. I would most likely not summer in Arkansas, thank you very much, humidity, pollen, and mosquitos. And I'd have a trust/foundation set up to make my money work to earn more money so that I could give any help I wanted to anyone I wanted, any time I wanted, and that this would continue after I was gone. And I think it goes without saying that I'd own a menagerie, and have the staff to care for it.

5) What are five jobs you’ve had? I have a lot to choose from here. Some of the memorable ones were J. C. Penney sales clerk (seriously--my "department" sold watches and men's flannel shirts), waitress (Alex and I have both waited tables in our youth, and so are very mindful of life in the service industry. We're good tippers, in other words.), 5 a.m. to noon "prep" and delivery person for a "home-cooking" restaurant (I was always amazed back then that all you needed to get onto a military base was a brown paper sack and the word "delivery." I bet that's changed now. Also, that was the only job I ever quit, just walked out on. It was a stand I'm still proud of today.), hospital pharmacy technician (that is actually a very good job, among jobs that don't have prerequisite training), horse groom/exercise rider/assistant trainer (I recommend that last one if you love horses, have no social life, and have no need for an actual income.).


  1. Headcheese! Yummo! (seriously, even)

  2. I did this one (tho' the last question is different) a few days ago.

    However, I switched it up a bit...

  3. Bella laughs at the old photo of a woman shampooing a chicken in the banner, and also pronounces "Quaker" as "quacker," which I have so far not corrected, because it continues to crack me up. Laurie is, in fact, a Quaker, and she may or may not, in fact, also be a quacker. I haven't met her in person, so I'll have to reserve judgment.

    Okay, it quacks me up, too. I have to admit, Quaker is a great word to mess with. Luckily I wasn't born a Quaker, I became a Quaker. For if I was born a Quaker, I wouldn't have a sense of humor AT ALL. haHA!

    I am so G rated on the blog, it is not even funny. I really want to have information that doesn't need to venture off into swearing and low-brow potty humor, as I do enough of that in my own home! I love that you have food experience, as I feel most people do, and those are the people who care the most about where THEIR food comes from. Once I saw how the restaurant industry prepared stuff, I was like, "Ewwwwww!" I am obsessed with local foods now, as you know, and my husband is dear enough to cook it all up for us.

    Thanks for indulging me in the silly game. It is really a nice diversion from the norm, don't you think?

    Peace out,