Monday, June 23, 2008

Trapping Vermin

Alex had no sooner baited and set the Hav-A-Hart trap (a humane live trapping system) and turned his back than he heard the trap snap shut. WOW! Instant success! What did we get? At first glance, it appears to be a small raccoon, or a bedraggled 'possum, or maybe some kind of mutant badger. How exciting!

We heard the trap snap right after setting it

Hmmmm. On closer inspection, it appears that we might have caught some heretofore undiscovered species!

Wow, what did we get? A raccoon or badger or 'possum?

Well, now. That's not a badger at all. That is a very naughty, and very sad (but somehow wholly unrepentant) ninja poodle. Obviously her ninja skills need some polishing, or she'd have robbed the trap and escaped without tripping it. But she stares at us inscrutably with one baleful eye until we released her and restored her dignity.

Nope. just a very sad, very naughty poodle.


  1. I dunno, it seems to me that she snuck in quite quietly and quickly :)

    Stealth - thy name is Ninja Poodle.

    Miss you mucho.


  2. Hee...I recognize that look!

  3. Belinda~~

    Do you have any extra traps. I would like to trap one of two of my own Poodles. Except, do you know if it's illegal yo leave them in there until they behave?

  4. I don't know. She looks pretty pissed off that she's in there still and there you stand with that clicky box thing, laughing at her. I love that sidelong, "I could take your kneecap off in one (okay, maybe two) snaps, lady!" glance.

    I'd watch my back for a few days if I were you, Belinda. Ninja Poodles tend to carry a grudge, I've heard! ;)

  5. belinda

    too funny---
    part 2 of wildfire story is up


  6. Darn poodles, they're everywhere! They keep eating my lettuces. I'll have to get a trap, too.

  7. Now that you have caught her, you can put her on a plane to me!

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