Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Country Life Is So Quiet

Except it's not. I've already subjected you to the horror of the zombie frogs. But honestly, that video was a little disappointing to me, because the frogs were so loud in that one, you couldn't hear the BACKGROUND noise. Which is, in itself, considerable. Listen for yourself.

BUT--notice how well my dogs listen to me! I enjoy this, because they're the only ones who do. Please to note that when I say, "Come on, poodles!" they run right to the door, with no detours. They are good dogs, they are! (Please read that line to yourself with Eliza Doolittle's accent. Thanks.) Even the ones who trip raccoon traps.


  1. Ok. That? Sucks. I would seriously not trade my traffic in suburbia noise for the noise you hear. Oh man, even the train that goes by (not too close, sounds like rushing water) at 3 am. isn't that bad.

    Ugh! How do you do it? And did drunk neighbor guy calm down?

  2. See, I've LIVED in the country like that. 40 acres of that noise.

    I don't even register it anymore...and this from a girl who spent 13 years of her life in the big city, w/ big city noise.

    The first year in the NOISE(yes, noise) of the country drove me INSANE...but, yeah...I can totally filter it now.

    Those horror movie frogs tho'? Those would make me want to kill. KILL!

  3. That I like. It reminds me of growing up in West Virginia - and we weren't even really in the country; just suburbia. But dude, I went back and listened to the zombie frogs, and THAT is a scary, scary racket - and I'm crying a little from laughing so hard. I'm sorry you have to deal with that and are losing sleep from it, but the wailing frog in the back ground, like others have said, really has an issue. Maybe it's constipated. HA HA HA HA HA!

    Your dogs are adorable. :o)

  4. ninja,

    too funny~~
    missed you tonight @ jesters~~ it was a rare bladio

  5. I forgot to say, your dogs are even cuter on video than they are in photos!

  6. So what IS that noise? it sounds like maracas!

    (your dogs are so cool!!!)

  7. Ok, hubby here to comment again. Belinda LOVES it when I do. :) That sound to me is definitely not noise. It is nature. Not to sound to earthy, but it is the sound the real world makes. To me it is calming and even very comforting. Ok, if you are reading this, you probably know the story about me sitting up in a tree for four hours last Saturday night on a fox hunt. Damn fox. I was out in that sound for a long time. It was so peaceful. You don't even hear it after a while, you only feel like a part of things. A part of the night.

    The person who commented they would not trade their city noise, train noise, man-made environmental-killing machine noise for the sound of nature doing just what nature does, has never lived on their own little 5 acres, in their own little stretch of woods, listing to their own little piece of mother nature.

    Noise? Not at all. It is life. Not artificial life. But the real thing. I kind of like being a part of it.

  8. We vacationed next to an ocean beach for a week, and Husband slept better than he ever does at home. I wonder if that means we need to move? No, don't bring it up. I'm definitely an inland type. Your Arkansas noises would suit me just fine.

  9. Nature or not, when it gets THIS loud, it drives me insane. It's even louder tonight, and the frogs are wound up again. For me, it does not fade in time; quite the contrary--it seems to get louder and louder and LOUDER.

    Just because something is "natural" doesn't mean you're a freak if you don't enjoy it. I totally get people who are soothed by "city" noise. It's familiar. Comforting. I like gentle sounds of crickets and cicadas and frogs...from a little distance. I've never lived surrounded by woods before, though, and after two and a half years, I still haven't gotten used to the summer noise--it's the UNRELENTING quality of it, I think. I love how quiet it is in the fall and winter, though.

  10. I'm with Alex on this one. That's not noise to me, it's calming. The frogs, however, would drive me up the freaking wall. Glad to see the Ninja Poodles in action.

  11. I also find the noise comforting, except for that one giant complainy frog of course. I'll never understand how a person could focus on anything, much less sleep, in a place like New York. I'd probably tear out my own hair.