Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Know People

Quality people. This post is not about endorsing a political candidate. What it IS doing, and that quite shamelessly, is pimping my friend Erin and the amazing women of BlogHer.

This weekend, on very short notice, Erin stepped up to the plate and interviewed presidential candidate and Senator Barack Obama, who had graciously agreed to answer the questions we BlogHers selected for our "Voter's Manifesto" for all presidential candidates. He is, so far, the first candidate to have done so, and we're fervently hoping the rest will follow suit. It's a smart move on their part if they do--BlogHer reaches over NINE MILLION women each month, and boasts a publishing syndicate (including this blog) that is over eighteen hundred strong. BlogHer has defined blogging for me, and I could not feel prouder to be a part of such an earth-shaking effort.

Erin rocks my socks, y'all. As a contributing political editor both at BlogHer AND the influential Huffington Post, she stays on top of a constant stream of news and information that makes my head spin--and she does it all while chasing after two beautiful, amazing children under the age of five. Also, if you are depressed and having sucky surgery? She will totally send you Egyptian cotton bathrobes and cookies. I love her like cheese grits.

Anyway, go ahead and watch Senator Obama answer Erin's questions, which are OUR questions. I'll keep you posted if we get a similar response from the Clinton and/or McCain camps. Go, women who blog!


  1. I was SO PROUD of Erin!

    She did a fantastic job :)

  2. FINALLY getting around to being a good blog citizen. This was AWESOME. GO Erin!