Saturday, April 19, 2008

Poodles Come And Poodles Go

I've had some requests for poodle-blogging lately, and we have had some changes taking place in that regard that merit journaling. First, the addition, who's actually been here for a couple of months.

Meet Alex's new huntin' dawg, a cream standard poodle girl. She comes from Minnesota, from a kennel where they know what they're doing when it comes to retrievers.

Remi at 5 weeks

Puppy C, female

This is how she arrived, and this is how she got her call name, "Remi."

and thus, she was named

She is, as her breeders described her, a "fetching machine" at only four months old, and has all the personality traits you'd want in a working dog, plus she's just as cool as any other poodle. She has a natural affinity for water and a high drive to work and to please. And of course, she is seriously in love with Alex, as the girls always are.

already figured out which side her bread's buttered on

And seriously--this face! Could you just die?


On to the departures. Our own Kirby (Impulse Silver Surfer) flew off to Cornhusker territory yesterday, for a trial run with a nationally-ranked flyball competitor. Coincidentally (except not really, because it was a total setup), he'll be living and training within spitting distance of his full sister, Betty, who preceded him to Nebraska a few months ago. We're hoping for great things from both our little 'Huskers, as they begin new careers this year.

over the shoulder Kirby

outrunning his tongue

I am cute

And sometimes the departures are too sudden, too soon, and too permanent. He may not have belonged to us, but Radar certainly felt like "ours," and now he's gone, having just laid down for a nap with one of his grandkids night before last, and never woke up again. Rest in peace, Champion Renaissance Rage Of The Stage, and thank you SO much for really giving us the very foundation of everything we wanted in our poodles. We'll do our darnedest to keep your legacy very much alive in your children, grandchildren, and beyond.

Our deepest condolences to our dear, dear friend, and Radar's breeder/owner, Sue. He was a darn fine dog, and you know how we felt about him, and how we feel about you. Here's hoping that we get to continue to see his image and enjoy his personality for generations to come. He certainly deserves that tribute.

CH Renaissance Rage Of The Stage  (Radar)
CH Renaissance Rage Of The Stage
September 16, 1996 - April 17, 2008


  1. It is always so hard to lose a pet, and the suddenness must make it even harder. I lost my pup in November, and even knowing it was coming didn't make me feel less devastated when it was time.

    As for the flyball dog, is he gone to a new owner or off for training or breeding?

  2. New home, assuming he meshes well with her two standard poodle girls.

  3. I didn't know poodles did all of that! I know that they are the smartest of all dogs.

    That is a really cute poodle, and I am not much of a poodle fan. I love the face.

    I am so sorry about the passing. It kills me when doggies pass. It's just, oh, it kills me.

  4. Remi looks like a little sheep!!!

  5. Beautiful Belinda. All 3 of them. I am so sorry about Radar's passing, but he sure did leave a wonderful legacy behind.

    I have considered trying Flyball with Trevor, my ball obsessed Standard. I just don't know that he would give the ball back!

  6. you have beautiful babies. the first one is sooooo cute! makes me want another puppy. i'm sorry for your loss.

  7. Seeing your cute puppy reminded me of this post I posted of my baby: I hope you can see her.

    Yes, believe it or not, poodles are the smartest of dogs. Just ask my husband. I tell him that every time Daisy looks like this!

  8. While I used to be a diehard german shepherd person, I married a poodle man and then bore children with allargies, so I've now become a poodle person. Must have mine standard, as I am not a big dog person. Love your pics of your new baby. Mine is now a year and half old, he's a teenager, my they grow up so fast. :)

  9. good lord, if I could only type. And then maybe use the preview, hmmm? I do know how to spell allergies, and I AM indeed a big dog person. No ankle biters for me.

  10. I only had standards when I married Alex--he was the one who brought Radar's son, Reggie, into our lives. Reggie became our first champion showdog, and renewed my love for the miniature version. Toys are not my thing, but I do know several good ones.

  11. Those dogs are adorable! Except, the shaved parts are a little weird. Why do they do that?

  12. Angela:

    Yep, the shaved parts look weird. But, their reason for being is rooted in history.

    Poodles are retrievers - hunting/water dogs. In days of yore, when they were used as working dogs, their hind quarters and legs were shaved of hair for mobility while swimming. Those strange poms on the wrists were left to keep the areas warm (veins being close to the skin) where they might otherwise be exposed to cold water. Poodles have webbed feet - they like to swim!. Check it out next time you get the chance.

    Some people say that the big top knot with a ribbon around it, long time ago, helped owners to identify the dog.

    In any event, I have a show dog who is six years old, and I cannot bring myself to cut down this over the top hair do. I have grown to love it and he loves the time I spend maintiaining it. He wrestles with my other two SP, for the grooming table. Go figure.


  13. I've been mostly blog-reading free for 2 weeks, and just now catching up. Condolences to your friend on her loss -- I know exactly how she and you feel.

    On a happier note, great pix of the pup. Looking forward to hearing more.