Friday, April 18, 2008

Darn Straight

Because I'm an incredible sheep (but at least I follow the right kind of people). Dave did it, so I just had to go see what the Slogan Generator came up with for me. This was my first result, and I'm hoping it refers to history, and is not, in fact, prophetic. If the former? Then, you better believe it.

Your Slogan Should Be

Belinda. Stronger than Pain.


  1. Stronger than pain? I need me some Belinda in my medicine cabinet!

  2. ha ha. I got "what happens in des, stays in des."

    I don't know how to take that.

  3. Highly appropriate.

    I got "Carolyn - The Other White Meat". How did they know???

  4. I am apparently delightfully tacky, yet unrefined. derr