Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Reveal

It's cute.

evaluating the flatiron treatment

We like it. Bella's still not convinced it's short enough, but like I told her, you can always cut more off. That may yet happen.

The whole photo set can be found on flickr
, and here's a little documentation of the process, which she thoroughly enjoyed from beginning to end.


This is a Very Big Deal

would do this once a week if she could


Also, she wants a pink wig. And just to clarify the JT discussion: Our up-and-coming showdog was born when Jermain Taylor was first vying for (and ultimately winning) the world middleweight boxing championship, and is named after him--registered as "Impulse Bad Intentions" and called JT. Bella was talking about him having bands in his topknot, because he's growing out showcoat. And now you know.


  1. I love the "Holy Crap! What did you do to my hair" look in the first photo.

  2. There's really nothing cuter :)

  3. She LOVED it. I'm not sure she was thrilled with the flat-ironing, and I also think she was a little disappointed that it wasn't shorter. In hindsight, I think she was expecting a chin-length bob, although what she was telling us was "shoulder length."

    We may wind up back over there getting a touch-up.

  4. Just when I think your daughter can't get any more adorable than she already is...


  5. *you* are the one who is adorable! I love your accent. Soo, sooo cute!

  6. So cute. She looks great (naturally, she's a beauty)!

  7. Sure, you can take pictures at THAT age.

    Not too long after my wife-to-be and I began dating, I decided to surprise her by showing up at the salon while she was getting a perm. She was not thrilled. Her hairdresser burst out laughing.

    I think my wife forgave me for that one.

  8. Okay, you two have got the cutest accent:o) I love how Bella said "Mama says he's named for Jermain Taylor", cute!!!