Sunday, February 03, 2008

Reason #2,074 That Marriage Can Be Scary

Alex: Hey, Honey? What's the name of that guy?

Me: What guy?

Alex: You know, that actor? We really like him a lot--he's good.

Me: Robert Downey, Jr.?

Alex: Yeah.

Neither of us are surprised at this exchange.


  1. Chris and I do that ALL the time. The knowing what each other is thinking thing, and the "I'm thinking of an actor, he was in that one movie we saw with that other guy" thing.

  2. You two need jobs in a video store.

    I'm a Downey fan, too.

  3. My husband and I have this kind of exchange quite often. I giggle, he says "Get out of my had woman"

  4. HAHA! That reminds me of a Christmas conversation a few years ago--we were all at mom's getting ready to watch Toy Story 2 with the kids.

    Sister: "I think one of the voices is that girl with the brother."

    Mom: "Joan Cusack?"

    Sister: "Yeah."

    I don't want anyone else in my head, it's too crowded in there already. :)