Thursday, February 07, 2008

How Many Times Can I Watch These?

Not enough, apparently. Which is surprising, considering my hatred for the Quiznos "Baby Bob" spots of a few years ago. This is just done SO much better, and by someone with a really great eye for comedic timing. Plus, these spots actually made me visit ETrade's website, which is the idea, right?

P.S. Have I ever mentioned how much I love hulu? I LOVE HULU.


  1. I didn't not care for either of the E*TRADE ads, especially the one with the spit up.

    Then again, I loved the Tide ad with the talking stain, but I think I was in the minority there.

    To each his/her own.

  2. These are hysterical!

    I definitely needed a laugh today, and I guffawed. Literally guffawed.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. ohwow.
    i also didn't NOT care for that spit up one - i LOVED IT!
    unfortunately, it caused me to do almost the same thing with my red wine, and heaven knows i dont need another one of THOSE Accidents!

  4. I spent a good half hour watching every single Super Bowl commercial at These are by far my favorites. The screaming squirrel was funny, but most because of the precedent set by The Dramatic Chipmunk.

    Biggest waste of $5mil were the two "SalesGenie" ads. What in the WORLD were they thinking? "Well, we don't have any ideas--let's just be as racially offensive as possible!"

    I thought the Talking Stain was funny, too. And I liked the Barkley/Wade spot better than a lot of people did, just because of the things Charles Barkley was saying on the phone.

  5. I just saw the baby's clown commercial last night and like you was surprised I liked it. I think I must be some kind of freak because I'm not into the Superbowl commercial thing. I mentioned your blog here yesterday.

  6. I was right there with you until the barfing started...I have had too much of that around here and am enjoying the absence of said activity

  7. Awww. Apparently through hulu "this video is not currently available in my country or region." C'mon, hulu, I'm just in Canada! Oh well, I'll try to check out the ads at YouTube. Belinda, the baby commercials better be good now that you've built them up for me! :o)

  8. that second one sounds like Dmitri Martin... It's always irksome to me when a single ad campaign features different voice actors playing the same roles in each spot.

  9. Yeah, those were pretty good.

    Happy Valentine's Day.

  10. I loved these ads too. Technically great, but the understatement and innocence made them memorable. I wanted to go out and buy a bunch of E-Trades. :-)

  11. Thank you for posting this! I was just telling my friend on Twitter, mousewords about this very commercial (clown discussion, don't ask-they freak me out too)

    See you on Twitter!