Thursday, January 17, 2008

Over There

I've a new post up over at The Times, in case you're not aware of The Great Target Blogger-Dis of 2008. Go comment. No one ever comments over there. (insert heavy, pitiable sigh)


  1. I tried to post over there, and had a huge essay written, and it denied me, and I lost all that I'd written...because I wasn't registered.

    It was then that I gave up.

    Sorry. :)

  2. I don't post there, even though I do read it, as it wants me to register to post. I wrote a big comment up on this one forgot I wasn't registered and it ate it all.

  3. sadly, I was not aware of this site...

  4. Yes, Mom. Can I have my allowance now?

  5. Like Adena, I also wrote a big response but was then denied for not having registered. Um, how am I supposed to know I have to register? Looks like a regular blog with all the fields to fill, e-mail, web site, etc.

    Oh well...I did try, Belinda. That should count for something. Yeah?

  6. When you are done freezing your behind off in a duck blind...

    I've tagged you for a meme. Feel free to regale us with 6 reasons why duck hunting rules.. or not....

    Miss ya mucho!

  7. Can't post a comment there. It hates me. However, I think a whole lot is being made from a relatively small issue.

    Then again, i don't get too excited unless Paramedics actually arrive at my house, so..........