Monday, January 07, 2008

Because I Am Powerless Against Peer Pressure

I vowed a while back not to talk politics on this site any more. So, instead of talking, I'll just post my results from the quiz that everyone else took several weeks ago. It was Jer doing it that pushed me over the edge. At least my results show a fairly consistent pattern (and I will admit that I've always liked Joe Biden, though I never considered him a viable presidential candidate), and that I'm not completely insane. I know SQUAT about Christopher Dodd. Hmmm. Ah, well, it's an interesting diversion. Go give it a try, if you're the absolute last person on the planet to have seen it.

79% Joe Biden
79% Barack Obama
77% Chris Dodd
76% John Edwards
76% Hillary Clinton
71% Dennis Kucinich
71% Mike Gravel
64% Bill Richardson
43% John McCain
39% Rudy Giuliani
37% Ron Paul
34% Mitt Romney
31% Tom Tancredo
28% Mike Huckabee
19% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

And here's Alex, who has some different views from mine, but only on a couple of issues...and apparently doesn't feel as strongly about his choices, despite the yelling he did about every single question while taking this survey.

65% John Edwards
62% Barack Obama
61% Chris Dodd
61% Bill Richardson
60% Hillary Clinton
59% Joe Biden
59% Mike Gravel
57% Dennis Kucinich
48% John McCain
44% Ron Paul
44% Rudy Giuliani
42% Tom Tancredo
41% Mike Huckabee
38% Mitt Romney
31% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz


  1. I took this a few days ago. Mine went something like Kucinich, Gavel, Obama... and after that I don't remember. Hilary was a least-matching dem, which disappointed, but not surprised me.

  2. I can't help but laugh everytime I see Free Thompson's name thrown in there...I mean, Law & Order!


  3. Obviously that's supposed to say "Fred" Thompson, not "Free" Thompson.

  4. My results were Hillary, Obama, Edwards, Dodd, Biden, etc. I didn't realize my stances paralleled Hillary's so much!

  5. I know I am much more conservative so I'll just say that the ones on the bottom of yours were on the top of mine:o)

  6. Here are my results:

    82% Barack Obama
    80% Mike Gravel
    79% Hillary Clinton
    79% Dennis Kucinich
    79% John Edwards
    76% Chris Dodd
    76% Bill Richardson
    73% Joe Biden
    47% Rudy Giuliani
    39% John McCain
    31% Mitt Romney
    29% Mike Huckabee
    26% Ron Paul
    21% Tom Tancredo
    18% Fred Thompson

    Pretty Canadian, eh, what?


  7. Wow, I must indeed be the last person on the planet to have seen this. Now I have to go check it out. Thanks!

  8. Mine too are a bit topsy-turvey compared to yours.

    Funny - that some Canadians tout that they're ALL liberals - it ain't true...

    There is no way I can be political free on my blog - you are stronger than I am! ;-)



  9. I've been supporting Edwards (if he drops out, I'd go to Obama) but I ended up with Mike Gravel, Dennis Kucinich, and then Edwards, Obama, etc.

    I'm a little scared by those first two :-)

  10. My results did not align with who I'm "rooting for" so far, either. Which was interesting, and caused me to do some investigation.

  11. The most important thing to remember during the political season is to research history - politicians will say anything to get votes. Everyone's platform has already changed to more mirror public sentiment. Except Ron Paul's. He has been giving the same speech since 1980. Their history tells the tale.