Monday, November 19, 2007

There Must Be More Hay

Hey, it's fall! / This is Today 96
With apologies to The Rocking Horse Winner. Because, especially since Kerri lost Sig, I am more and more wanting to keep this fellow. I mean, I wanted to before, but now I REALLY want to. He's an easy keeper, with a laid-back attitude. He's exactly 10 years younger than his big brother, Misha. I bred and raised him, and he's likely the last living link I'll have to his sire, who I loved with all my heart. All it would take to get him broke to ride is a round-pen and time. Surely I can manage that, no?

Heck, he even plays with poodles.
what do these poodles have?

20 pound poodle vs 900 pound horse, poodle wins

You'd want to hang onto him, too, right? LOOK AT THAT FACE.


  1. What a nice-looking boy! Yep, he's a keeper, alright.

  2. That_horse_just_has_the_sweetest_face_ever.


  3. Sweet baby boy! Speaking of Misha, I miss him!! :-(

  4. You had me at "Rocking Horse Winner."

    That is a beautiful horse.

  5. I love your boy. A total beauty.
    I was just thinking of that play the other day and couldn't remember the name. Great timing! Thanks.

  6. He is beautiful! I have a barn here I can keep him in! =)

  7. Very pretty and I agree, you should keep him:o) A little training and you will be riding him in no time!!!

  8. Belinda,

    I SO want to see you riding again! If you would break this one, I might even ride Misha so we could trail ride together. The world would be shocked!


  9. Now I get to keep him 'cuz my mom said I could.


  10. No way could I give up that face. Go Belinda's mom! hehehe

  11. Gosh he's gorgeous! And so sweet! If you can afford to keep him, I would do it in a heart beat.

  12. Aw, pretty horsie. How I wish I had the space...

  13. You've convinced me. How much will shipping be?

  14. Belinda, if I could fed-ex you 10 tons of hay I would do it. I am sorry you have to make such choices. Loving you.


  15. What? God's got to smack you upside the head?

    Victor has survived two life-threatening illnesses and been returned to you once.

    I think he's your horse.

    Besides, it makes no sense to pay to keep horses if you don't have one for each of you to ride. See how easy I made that?

    Can Victor go visit Aunt Kerri for a while, and you can use her facilities to put some miles on him?