Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday Almost Got Away From Me

Between having my bowels in an uproar (again--could it be the increase in hormone dosage, since it seems to coincide with "patch days?") and fighting with Alex over possession of the laptop, I almost missed Sunday posting. Not that THIS is worth the time it takes to read it, but I just couldn't "BLO" November now that I'm more than halfway through. HA! There you go! A joke! Or something.

The really sad thing is what we were fighting to use the computer for. We're playing Games with Bella's Webkinz. After she goes to bed.

Bask in your intellectual superiority.


  1. That's OK. Someone mistakenly sent me a copy of JumpStart First Grade this week, and the Boy BEGGED to open it and play it. BEGGED until I thought he was gonna pass out from the effort. No way, I said. I'm sending it to someone else who will review it and has a kid the appropriate age.

    He is VERY sad.

  2. LOL nope, I can't bask either, as I wait until my kids are asleep to play on my eldest's neopets account. *chuckle* It's nice to know 'm not the only one though!

    Rejoice! Thou hast been tagged for 7 random facts bout you!

  3. Sounds like the research of a concerned set of parents to me. : )

  4. I can one-up you. I have my own accounts. I could feel the IQ points leaking out my ears as I wrote that.

  5. i am a webkinz addict
    *hangs head in shame*

  6. dang I had to go and buy 2 for MY KIDS for Christmas. Yes, for my kids, I said.