Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rough Day

Alex returned home from the woods empty-handed again this weekend, prompting Bella to ask him, "Where's your deer, Daddy?"

"I didn't get one."

"Well, then, did you at least get a bear?"


Responding to what seems like an alarming amount of splashing coming from the bathroom, I ask Bella, "What is going on in here?"

"It's a party in the tub. (that last word pronounced like maybe Goober Pyle would pronounce it) You're not invited."


Bella's day today went pretty much like this:

*Wake up, eat breakfast in bed while watching cartoons.
*Play games.
*Draw pictures.
*Get dressed just the way you like, and go out to lunch with Mommy. Have DESSERT--more specifically, a Double-Fudge Dream from your favorite restaurant, the Dixie Cafe, after a weird (but what you wanted) lunch of chicken and dumplings, coleslaw, applesauce, and milk.
*Come back home, feed horses, take a nap.
*Wake up, get carried downstairs by Daddy, go with Daddy to video store to pick out TWO movies, the choice being at your COMPLETE DISCRETION. Naturally, pick two Disney films you've already seen forty-leven times apiece.
*On the way home, get your favorite Chinese takeout, courtesy of Daddy.

*When you get back home, walk in the door and exclaim, "WHEW! I have had a ROUGH day!"

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  1. I feel as though I should say something caring and considerate here... but as a vegetarian who's also an animal lover, I'm always secretly pulling for the animals to come out on top. :-)

  2. Me, too. I mean, I understand the need for culling and all that, and I know the game & fish does a good job of setting the limits so that populations are strong without being so numerous as to starve to death...but geez, they just look like big-eyed dogs to me. It's BAMBI, for crying out loud!

    Of course, I'm feeding raw meat and bones to my dogs, which this time of year includes deer bones from the butcher, so...hypocrite, much? Yes. Yes, I am.

    Alex did see a young one, without enough of a rack to be legal game, and he didn't laugh when I asked him, "Did you tell him you'd see him next year?"

  3. I see my little BFF is just as cool as ever. When I move in as your live-in nanny, she and I can watch Disney movies all day long while chowing down on Chinese food. Heck, that's what I do right now, just sans the awesomeness of Bella.

    P.S. Is is just me, or are these Blogger word verification things getting longer and more complicated by the day?? "Please type out all of Crime and Punishment in Pig Latin to verify that you are not a spammer!"

  4. I am jealous of such an awesome rock!
    Being the mom of two day starts and ends with screams of "He hit me" or "Who farted" or something along those lines. I should have followed through with my original plan to dress them like girls until they were 6. That little one would just be coming out of dresses now. Curses.

  5. "you are not invited", is priceless.

  6. Love it!!! They have such tough schedules for themselves at this age:o)

  7. I want to eat your child.

    She is too adorable.. I hope my kid is just like her. *L*

  8. Poor Bella. She had obviously had such a HARD day :)

    Her lunch sounded delicious to me, especially that dessert!