Monday, November 26, 2007

It's Not The List I'd Have Chosen

Fortunately for me, Bella, having the holiday-season attention span of most other just-turned-five-year-olds, will forget most of the things on this list...unfortunately for me, the stupid Dora's Talking Kitchen will NOT be one of those things. Some diplomacy and sleight-of-hand is going to be required if I'm going to get her wanting something else soon.

I asked Bella to make me a list of things she might like to have for Christmas, for Mommy and Daddy to choose from. (I do love that when she makes a list, she's pretty much expecting to get one thing, or maybe two, from that list, and not the whole list, which I'm betting will come later.) So she went and scrounged up a giant piece of cardboard, and here is the list she made, WRIT LARGE upon it:
Christmas list, writ large on cardboard

And I quote, with original writing/spelling idiosyncracies:

*A PRINCESS KICHEN (see last item on list for more about this)
*A PRINCESS STORE (I am so opposed to the idea of "princess shopping" on so many levels that this will never happen ever)
*ELEPHUN THe eLEPHANT (This game is well-known to be a piece of crap, unfortunately.)
*GLOVES FOR MRS. CLAUS (Since the gift of a Christmas outfit for her American Girl doll, the doll has been named "Mrs. Claus," just until Christmas.)

And here is where she breaks out the BIG FONT, which makes me wonder if she's destined for a life of graphic design--seriously--could you make letters like that, in ink, when you were five?:

*PRINCESS DOLLS THAT CAN TALK (is there even such a thing?)
*BARBie GIRLS (NOT gonna happen. I'm so ticked off at Mattel for the stupid Barbie jumping horse fiasco on Bella's birthday that Barbie and I are totally not on speaking terms.)
*JAM'N (Backward 'J', backward apostrophe, but again, stylish font!) JeeP (This item might actually be part of the above, as in "Barbie Girls' Jam'n Jeep." I just don't know. But it won't be Jam'n here.)
*(again featuring all backwards apostrophes, but hey--she already uses them correctly more often than half the signmakers around town) DORA'S LET'S GeT ReADY VANITY! YAY (The "YAY" and exclamation mark are because she REALLY wants it--ugh.)
*SPARKLE AND TWIRL DORA (Don't even know what this is, but I know I don't like it.)
*LITTLE TIKES 2-iN-1 WORKSHOP (a little young, but we can adapt something)
*FISHING TIKE (Explanation: "When I wrote it, I couldn't remember that it was called a 'fishing rod.' So I just wrote 'TIKE' instead. Because that's who makes it." Yup, she's already brand-savvy...and has also apparently forgotten that she already has a pretty awesome REAL rod & reel.)
*NORMAL DOLLS (Your guess is as good as mine.)
And finally, an amendment, down there at the bottom in pink ink, because priorities changed during the making of this list, it seems:
*DORA'S TALKING KITCHEN, NOT A PRINCESS KITCHEN (This is the only item that comes up over and over, and I'm just so not thrilled about the prospect of another hunk of plastic sitting around the house.)

Obviously, this list is not the list I'd have created, but hey, it's not MY five-year-old Christmas, is it? All the same, I think I can take this list and come up with some decent workarounds and adaptations that will make her happy. I have some definite ideas, and will update after the fact, if I'm successful. If not, I'll be buried under a pile of pink plastic junk. Other things have been mentioned, like Webkinz stuff and American Girl accessories, and she has a pretty amazing gift coming from Grandmommy that may or may not get here in time for Christmas, and Grandmama (other one) is taking her to DISNEY WORLD in December, so this particular list isn't stressing me out too badly. I think I can make it work.


  1. Okay, let me just say that when you said "preschooler fonts" in your Twitter post, you had me fearing for the worst -- Comic Sans. I am so thankful that Bella is instead creating her own beautiful lettering. Awesome gal, even if she is asking for an awful lot of Dora items. (I suppose that can't really be helped in her generation.) That laptop deal is pretty sweet, by the way. As is that whole Disney World thing. I'm gonna go put those on MY Christmas list right now . . .

  2. Yep. Tis the season when my DVR gets fast-forwarded through all commercials if/when my kiddo watches TV.
    Even so, she's caught a glimpse of the Disney Princess Magical Vanity... Not like she doesn't still have Ariel's Salon from last year. Argh.

    The laptop thing is amazing. Going to look much more closely at that! Thanks for the link!

  3. Her writing is gorgeous! I can tell you about the twirling Dora, unfortunately. Here.

  4. Haha! Parts of that list reminded me of my daughter's Christmas list from a few years ago:

    Batteries (always the first thing on her list)

    She has a rod & reel too, & LOOVES fishing.

  5. Bless your heart, honey. I was all about cars, horses, and Star Wars action figures as a little 'en. The idea of that much Dora and Princess stuff makes my inner tomgirl queasy.

    Here's to you NOT being surrounded by pink plastic and Bella still having a good Christmas...may the Force be with you. :-P

  6. Every little girl needs a plastic kitchen! I had one! It's SO necessary! Maybe she can cook for you in a few years?

    See.. :)

  7. I ALWAYS need a freelance graphic designer around here. The pay is good :) Maybe she can practice up and then send me some work samples :)

    Normal Dolls, hee :)

  8. Thankfully, my nieces are not looking for Barbies this year. My 5 yr old niece, Bailey, wants a barn with horses and a doll that goes with it (she told her mom it is at Tractor Supply). My 6 yr old niece, Mac, wants anything to do with art, easel, paper, pencils, etc, she is very much into drawing right now and does some very good work.

    Email me when you are coming to Disney, I am only about 45 min away and the cahnce to meet you is to good to pass up:o)

  9. You know what's sad?

    I have an OLPC XO on my Christmas list. I want the same thing that a 5-year-old is getting.


  10. She asked for an XO laptop for her birthday, but they were unavailable in the US at that time. Out of the blue, she says, "I want that computer for kids," and described it until I remembered having seen it on "60 Minutes," which is where SHE saw it. Months ago.

    Don't ever assume that television is going over your kid's head.

  11. As a grandmother the world of children's toys is like future shock to me. I do get "amazing gift"...I'll bet it doesn't need batteries and a trip to Disney World. Hurray for grandparents to bring some sense into the world of children's toys.

  12. How bout another poodle? Run, run from the pink plastic crap. Away from the glitter princess junk.

    How was Alex's mom's surgery, by the way? I've been praying.

  13. There was a piece on the BBC today that reported that the fastest growing toy market is for wooden toys. That apparently kids will play with a wooden spinning top long after anything 'brightly coloured and plastic' - I laughed then and I laugh now. Bella really is the world's most adorable kid!

  14. I know you and Barbie are not seeing eye to eye at the moment but remember there is something worse than her (and Dora) out there - Bella could be asking for hideous Bratz crap.