Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's Not A Fairy Tale, Exactly...

I'm browsing flickr, as usual just before bed, and Alex, looking over my shoulder, says, "Hey, let me look at that one."

Myself, having my own agenda here, I say, "OK," but then I continue with what I was doing, ignoring his request (I fully intended to go back to it, but not until I finished what I was doing).

At which point, my loving husband looks at me (fortunately for him, with affection in his eyes) and says, "You know, you suck sometimes."

And I laughed and laughed until I thought I would rupture something. When I could breathe again, wiping tears from my eyes, I just said, "I know honey. You suck sometimes, too."

I love him.


  1. Never has "you suck" sounded so romantic.

  2. As the priest in Princess Bride says, "Wove, twoo wove..."

  3. This is a sign of a happy marriage. *L*

  4. If you can't say it to your spouse... something's wrong.

    Kudos on both of you sucking. :)