Sunday, November 04, 2007

Irony Or Hypocrisy? You Decide.

A few weeks ago, I responded to a Twitter message from one of my contacts, which read something like, "Bloggers: I couldn't care less what is playing on your iPod," with a rousing, "Hear, hear!" or something similarly signifying my strong agreement with this sentiment. Because, frankly, even from bloggers I LOVE, when I would see one of those lists of what's currently on the Shuffle, or a "now playing" box, my eyes would glaze over and my brain would melt a little, and I'd be off to the next thing as quickly as humanly possible, because reading about what music other people are listening to? IS BORING. At least it is since I have become old and crotchety. Maybe if I renewed my subscription to Rolling Stone, I'd get hipper? Doubtful.

Even after I HAD my own iPod (and I'm pretty sure I was one of the last dozen or so people on the planet to get one), I was still kind of an iPod snob, which pretty much means that I didn't know how to use the thing. This is similar to when I will seem to proudly state that all of my pictures are "straight out of the camera," as if I'm some sort of photographic purist, when the truth of the matter is that I have no post-processing skills, nor any "photo-shopping" software. So for the last year, I haven't used the ol' iPod much, partly because I couldn't figure out how to organize the music I'd put on it into categories, so if I wanted to listen to it, I might be hearing a progression of Bjork, Cake, Vivaldi, Credence Clearwater Revival, and Daddy Yankee, and wind up feeling schizophrenic afterward. I finally got around to at least ordering things in various folders: Classical/instrumental, Classical-vocal/operatic, Happy Nostalgia, Blues/Soul, Hip-Hop/R&B, Alt/Punkish, etc. Sting and Ray Charles each have their very own folder. What?

You can see where this is going, can't you? Yeah, that's right. I'm about to discuss WHAT'S ON MY iPOD. Heaven help me. But there's a reason. I'm going to try walking every day, and it would be nice not to be bored out of my mind, whether it's on the treadmill or outside. So, first, have a good laugh at the stuff that is currently in my folder of "walking around music," and then, based on my bizarro and...well, let's just call it "eclectic" tastes, give me one or more of your "walking around" songs. Let's begin the mockery, in no particular order:

"Goody Two Shoes," by Adam Ant. 1982. Really popular right around the same time this was happening. I will never, ever stop loving this song. I don't drink, don't smoke...what DO I do? Must be somethin' inside.

"Don't Stay Home," "All Mixed Up," and "Down," all by 311. 1995. That's right, I've never so much as gotten a contact high, and I like THREE ELEVEN. Wanna fight about it? My first exposure to ska bands. LOVE. Which = happy.

"We're Going To Be Friends," by The White Stripes. 2002. I think the rest of the world was introduced to this song in the movie "Napoleon Dynamite." Not me--I first heard it on XMKids radio, and when they played it in the movie, I felt all cool because I knew that song already. FROM XMKIDS. Don't weep for me yet. It gets worse.

"Blister in the Sun," and "Gone Daddy Gone," by Violent Femmes. 1982. These songs, as all the songs in the "walking around" category, just make me happy. That seems wrong, I know, but there it is.

"Yeah!" by Usher, featuring Lil' John and Ludacris. 2004. I defy you not to walk a little more briskly when this is on.

"Apache," by The Sugarhill Gang, 1982. Seriously. Come ON. Also, "Rapper's Delight," 1979. But the "Showdown" version featuring Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five. I can be equally appeased by Chic's "Good Times," since the hook is really what I'm after here.

"Break It Off," by Rihanna and Sean Paul. 2006. Again, I DEFY YOU.

"Pon de Replay," also by Rihanna. 2005. WHAT?

"We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful," by Morrissey. 1992. Also pretty decent, the 2005 cover by Reel Big Fish. Another hateful ska-punk song that makes me smile.

"Blitzkrieg Bop," 1975, and "I Wanna Be Sedated," 1978, by The Ramones.

"Come Baby Come," by K7. 1993. Drawback--makes you want to skip a little.

"Funkier Than A Mosquita's Tweeter," by Ike & Tina Turner. 1971. I'm hoping this was from before he started smacking her around. My mom let me play this song, on her 8-track, over and over and over, along with both the Ike & Tina and CCR versions of "Proud Mary."

"Doo Wop (That Thing)," by Lauryn Hill. 1998. No, this one never gets old. Ever.

"Lust For Life," by Iggy Pop. 1977. Timeless. Although now it's hard to hear it and NOT think of Ewan McGregor.

"1234," by Feist. 2007. Wow. One actual song from THIS YEAR. Fetch the smelling salts.

"Lookin' Out My Back Door," by Creedence Clearwater Revival. 1976. HAPPYHAPPYHAPPY. Thanks, Mom.

"Ain't No Other Man," by Christina Aguilera. 2006. Stop laughing.

"We Run This," by Missy Elliott. 2005. Because apparently "Apache" JUST WASN'T ENOUGH.

"Run It," by Chris Brown, 2005, and "Kiss Kiss," by Chris Brown featuring T-Pain. 2007. Hey, another one from the same year in which we are currently living!

"Pump It," 2005, and "Let's Get It Started," 2004, by Black Eyed Peas. The latter is the song that Bella claims as her "favorite song ever in the world." Even before she could talk, she would yell out "HA!" right on cue during the chorus.

"I Kissed A Girl," by Jill Solbule. 1995. Isanely happy, bouncy, catchy song about...well, just what it sounds like. I LOVE THIS SONG. Favorite lyric: "Dumb as box of hammers, but what a handsome guy."

"Mama Told Me Not To Come," by Three Dog Night. 1971. My childhood was HAPPY, folks, and a good part of that has to do with my mom and our music.

"I Got It From My Mama," by 2007. This one's all about Bella, thanks to my sister teaching her every word. My daughter now insists that I sing the "Where'd you get that body" part of the chorus, so that she can really ham up the "I GOT IT FROM MY MAMA!" response. So, of course, it makes for a jaunty walking-around song for me.

Finally, two cuts from the Spanish-language album, "Vuelve:" "Por Arriba, Por Abajo," and "La Copa de la Vida," by Ricky Martin. 1998. You heard me, RICKY MARTIN. This was after Menudo, but before the bon-bon shaking days. All I can say in my defense here is, don't knock it until you try it.

So. What are the essential cuts that increase the chance you'll move around and keep moving? The more embarrassing, the better.

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  2. ugh! sorry about that! I completely messed up my comment. Maybe I should just go to bed and be done with it all... ANYWAY....
    I enjoy reading what others are listening to. Music lists, I feel, are very personal things. There are usually always special memories attached to them. It can often times give one an insight to somebody.
    I am glad that you bit the bullet and shared you list. Looks like you have a lot of "jaunty" tunes here that will definitely keep you walkin'!
    Though some aren't my own personal taste, I do see that your tastes are just as varied as mine.
    My motto..."What ever turns your crank".

  3. The humiliating song that keeps me going?

    Ice Ice Baby.

    Yes. *hangs head in shame*


  4. Rihanna? Sean Paul? BEP? (OMG, I just sprained something typing that). And Usher?

    Thank god you've got the Femmes, Moz, and the Ramones on there.

    And really, where's the Britney Spears? _That_ is walking around music. None of this Rihanna stuff. : )

  5. "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song" by the Flaming Lips is a great one to walk to - you can't help but pick up the pace.

    "Take Your Momma Out", "Comfortably Numb" (cover), "Music is the Victim", "Don't Feel Like Dancin'" and "Filthy Georgeous" all by Scissor Sisters.

  6. The only thing that I don't like about reading other people's iPod lists is that it is a clear reminder to me that I live under a rock, musically. If you looked at the music on my phone (I'm currently iPod-free) you'd find DMB, Melissa Etheridge, Indigo Girls, U2, They Might Be Giants, Dixie Chicks. In other words, a lot of "adult contemporary pop".
    I never thought I'd blog (or have a MySpace page, although I'm still not seeing the fun in that) until I started doing it, so I'm not about to call you a hypocrit.

  7. oddthomas - "eclectic" doesn't even begin to describe it!

    CP - would you believe that I actually listened to snippets of Vanilla Ice while downloading? Heh.

    BPLC - Oh, but Rihanna can get you moving! If I were feeling a bit more aggro, I might switch over to the "alt/punkish" list for a while.

    miss w - great suggestions, thanks!

    ey - those are all good artists, though. I cannot DESCRIBE to you my delight, after having a child, upon discovering that TMBG were recording children's music. AWESOME children's music. Made my year the first time I heard "E Ate Everything" and "The Alphabet Lost And Found." Heck, XMKids even plays "Istanbul!"

  8. let's get this straight: what you are listening to on your ipod not only matters, it is the measure by which ye shall be judged fit to blog.

    you pass. little dodgey on the Ricky Martin, but hey, everyone's got a dirty secret.

    The Gourds cover of Gin n Juice ( the good, bootleg one, not the itunes version) never fails to rev me up, but it is so filthy I can only listen to it when the kids are at least a mile out of earshot. Rilo Kiley has some good kick-ass riffs.

    My dirty little secret? Nelly Furtado. The reminder of her perfect abs has a way of egging me on.

  9. I can't believe you've got Ricky Martin but you don't have Fergalicious by Fergie. THAT is the ultimate workout song.

    But I commend you for your honesty and I still want to be your friend. :)

  10. *****raises hang sheepishly****

    I do not have an I-Pod. Oh, the humanity.

    However, if I did, I would have the coolest set list ever. Trust me.

    I guess you'll have to trust me because, as I may have mentioned.......I DO NOT have an I-Pod.

    Have pity on me.

  11. Ipod, what is that? If I had one my kids would destroy it within seconds of it reveal.

    But I digress...

    Let me go wild,
    I wanna blister int he sun,
    let me go wiiiilllld
    Big hands you know your the one!

    Brings me back to H.S>

    And hey, I love Ricky Martin... esp the shakey bon bon days.

    But I must admit I read avidly about half your list and then my eye DID start glazing over. But I do admire your tenacity! Keep walking and keep writing.

    And thanks for your interest in my auction fundraiser. You rock... OUT!

  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Three Dog Night!! Momma told me not to come...Lord I love that song...and it is on my I POD too! Many of your songs made my list...Yeah!(the song...)
    I am also a fan of the Scissor Sisters...and I adore all things Britney. What? There isn't anything wrong with that. I have become a walk-a-holic lately. I love to rock out to Bruce...and then Eminem...
    Good luck with your walking...

  13. I like the now playing/now reading stuff if only because it gives me insight in to the person.

    What does your list say about you?

    Why, you kick behind of course.

  14. Moving music? Anything by Abba. "Shine" by the Newsboys, "Give a Little Respect" by Erasure (I woke up with that song on my mind today), "Free For All" by Ted Nugent, and I'd totally have to agree on "Yeah!" by Usher.

  15. I just heard Love Shack by the B52s on the radio... that is a great walking song! My kids thought me crazy rocking out in the car. haha

  16. When I was in England for two weeks in September I came to the conclusion that the one decent radio station in the UK (Radio 1) had exactly two songs in their freaking repertoire:Hey there, Delilah and that "I got it from my momma" song.

    It's taken me weeks to get it out of my head...Oh, hell. There it is again..."I got it from my momma...I got it from my momma..."


  17. kyran - would it help if I told you that "Cup of Life" RM song hit #1 in SIXTY-ONE countries? It was the theme song of whatever the world soccer championships are called in '98. Whatever, it's BOUNCY! And I love Nelly. Well, until "Promiscuous," anyway.

    I have taken care to seek out the "clean" versions of everything I've downloaded so far, with the single exception being Cake's cover of "I Will Survive." Which is worth it.

    trishie - thank you. I did do some wavering over Fergie. She very nearly made the cut, and I DO have BEP.

    avalon - I only got mine last year. There's still hope for you. It's a real time-suck, and a great way to go broke 99 cents at a time.

    stephanie - oh, yes, B-52s! Love Shack, and Rock Lobster! Must add!

    sweetchickenpeas - (sorry, couldn't help myself) "Mad Dogs and Englishmen" has so many happy childhood sensory memories for me that I can't be sad listening to TDN.

    dan - the only reason I could kick your behind is that you'd LET me.

    angela - ABBA + Erasure = Erasure's ABBA tribute album, "ABBA-esque." Sweet.

    loralee - glad I could help. ;-)

  18. I won't even go into what is on the 'pod'. It is 20 gigs and filled to the max. I think it has 4 straight days of tunes on it.

    What the pod has really done is forced us to organize and become more digital in our world. I totally went "mac" about 4 years ago. iTunes, Garage band, and days of downloading off of Usenet (free mp3s). Over the past 2 years, I have categorized everything, both by genre (my private 12 categories) and by ranking (anything under 3 stars gets deleted).

    The pod is just the is just a precursor of how our whole lives will be someday, or at least our children's. It is a different world.

  19. Um, this post cracks me up. And, I heart violent femmes.

  20. Sorry, my eyes have glazed over. You were saying something?

  21. single mom with tiny totNovember 5, 2007 at 8:31 PM

    um...there's still a few of us left...with no don't feel so bad:)

  22. Belinda, we have a bunch of the same songs in our iPods. Violent Femmes? Yep.

  23. TMBG "Why Does the Sun Shine?" Science ROCKS!

  24. I used to have an hour-long mix tape of Prince songs that I walked around to. Long ago, obviously. Perfect pace-speed for me, plus, you know, Prince.

    Also, Big Smith. Fun, clever, just-damn-good bluegrass/roots stuff. And they have a kids' CD too.

  25. It's really iCrack, plain and simple. I'm not one of those people that has it attached to my head 24/7, but I really do feel like it's more than an accessory.

    It's my little friend who gets me through those overcrowded, increasing late cattle car class airplane flights. It makes the days when I have to write documentation at work go by that much more quickly.

    Plus, ALL the music is music that I love! I think of my iPod as my own personal iRadio station, or stations. I don't have total albums; mine is full of play lists that are eclectic to say the least...well, except for the whole play list devoted to Elvis...Costello that is. I've got everything from the 60s up to 2007. Plus one really wacked out Christmas play list.

    And, my guilty pleasure, a song I play a lot...the dance mix of Big & RIch's Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.

    I love my iPod as much as...well, let's not go there and get me in trouble!!