Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I LOL'd, I Cried, I Time-Sucked

Because of my sister, I spent a good hour at YouTube recently watching every possible version of Solja Boy's "Crank Dat," starring every familiar, beloved children's character imaginable. I think the one starring Barney and Friends is my favorite. Can't stop laughing.

And then, day before yesterday, out of the blue, there was a poignant reminder of the wonder and glory that used to be readily available to The Internets, courtesy of Ze Frank. Oh, Ze. Please, please, come back. You say you miss us the way we miss you, but I don't see how that can possibly be true.

If you missed it, I had a post up at RealMental the other day.

I had LOTS of fun today--got to go to the OB/GYN, where Kelly will be thrilled to hear that, not only did I not hide my underwear beneath my clothes, I HUNG THEM BRAZENLY ON THE DOOR. For real. JUST for her. More about that later, because big changes are in store that will hopefully make me much less crazified.

Then I accompanied my mom to Best Buy (we don't have an Apple store in Arkansas--really) so she could buy a spankin' new MacBook. Sheesh. Andrea getting one last month wasn't enough; now my mom and my sister are all cutie-patootie little Mac-Buddies. Arrrrgh. Also? The new giant-monitored desktop Mac? Made me WEEP with desire. Holeee COW.

Locals: If you visit the Best Buy in West Little Rock, be sure to single one particularly helpful employee out of the Geek Squad. Ask for "Joey Nuke 'Em." Tell him I sent you.

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  1. Hee hee.. Armondo and I just spent a bunch of time watching the Soljia boy vids now. Some of them are pretty good. Some of them, not so much.

    I'm glad you're participating in NaBloMaDaNo or whatever, it's good to see you more often. I'm participating too. (That means my blog is no longer locked.)

  2. the barney one is pretty damn hilarious. did you ever see this?

  3. Hung them? ON THE DOOR?

    I will be busy the next 10 hours fashioning an award. Bronze. Your name will be on the plate of it perhaps in gold letters.

    On. The door.

    I bow before you.

  4. On the door? Dude, I usually wrap up my bra and panties in my pants and shirt for FEAR that the doctor will see them and wonder why I wore my sexy/or granny panties on the day of my appointment.

    I fear my OB/GYN.

    However, now that I'm pregnant, I guess I'm not supposed to care, so perhaps I'll try this at my next nekkid appointment.

    You are goddess. *L*

  5. Did you watch the Soulja Boy Instructional Video on how to do the Crank Dat Dance?

    "Step one, you know what I'm sayin?, you do this. Step Two, you know what I'm sayin?, you do this".

    But the Barney and Dora videos? Ha! You know what I'm sayin?

  6. OK. all I can say is... huh? Wha? and

    I am at a loss.

  7. But Ze Frank... now I get it! Thanks for that one. He is on my new favorites list... next to you, of course. But the thing is... he likes me best which makes me like him even more!

  8. My favorite is the Sponge Bob one. It makes me wet myself. True that, yo.


  9. haha! on the DOOR? you fearless woman you!