Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Grinch Who Stole "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving"

That would be me, even though I have a child in the house. I just can't take it. I had all the Peanuts comic collections when I was a kid, and enjoyed them, and Snoopy was my sister's HERO, but those specials...ugh. I can remember being a little girl, and watching those holiday shows, and wondering, "Why are all the girls so mean and terrible?" Because they ARE. Every last one. Shallow, disloyal, deceitful, and just downright MEAN. (Don't even mention The Little Red-Haired Girl, because she's not a real character.) But the boys? Oh, the boys are, without exception, GOOD. Honest, sincere, thoughtful, deep, and true, those boys. And really, if you could remove the girls from their lives, they have no problems. Especially in the Thanksgiving special. Urrrgghh.

Oh, and while we're on the topic, what is the deal with this seating arrangement? NOBODY can sit on the same side of the table as Franklin?

Seriously, what is up with this seating arrangement?

Eh, who needs it? Between this and Rudolph's jerk of a dad, it's shaping up to be a very Grinchy holiday TV season around here.


  1. hmm never thought about that. The girls are mean. I wonder if Shultz was a misogynist. Makes you wonder....

  2. you are so correct in terms of their representation.

    But are children ever truly evil or just misunderstood?

    I always connected with Lucy because I just saw her as demanding and a strong personality, which I was as a child. I guess that's why I was always called "evil" by family.

    Whoo-boy, it took me decades to get over that one.

    I'm better now. I promise.

  3. I've been reading through my new acquisition, The Charlie Brown Dictionary. The girls do all the housework and are generally mean. It's kind of a disappointing discovery.

  4. Damn, it's true. Not even the DOG is on the same side with Franklin.


    I can't say much about the female thing. I'm a bitchy, trouble-maker.

  5. Actually, Schulz was very much a misogynist. But still even more - hey racism! What's up? Poor Franklin.

    And I'm totally with you on the holiday specials. Always too much... misery? Sadness? I don't need to be shoved into a depression to know that toys at Christmas are fun! Just gimme the toys already!!

    On an unrelated note, we saw a little girl at Disneyland the other day who looked stunningly like Bella. My husband recognized her first (I made him look at your pictures a few days ago - check out those eyes!!) and was like "that's her! That means your Flickr friend is probably here too. You should go say hi". :) Sweet intentions. I told him that I didn't think it was you, but to eavesdrop -- if the little girl said y'all, then I'd walk over and introduce myself. :-D

  6. Well, shit.... you're right. I'd never thought of that, and I usually see the crappiness in EVERYTHING and bitch from Sept til Jan.1st about the commercialism of the holidays, punctuating everything with a hearty BAH HUMBUG! ( I even have a pillow that says that.) But I have to hand the crown to you... you win. Now Peanuts isn't even innocent. Oh, this is terrible, REALLY terrible!

  7. Okay, maybe you didn't mean for your blog to be funny. Perhaps you were totally serious, but I still found myself laughing. Thanks for the chuckle this morning!

  8. Belinda~~ Did you happen to see the recent PBS special on Charles Schultz? He was truly an angry, sad, and spiteful man. Not at all the endearing "Mr. Rogers" type we have all been led to believe. No surprise his cartoons are so filled with vitriol, even when well-hidden by cute round heads and a funny dog.

  9. I have NEVER thought of Peanuts this way...but yes...you are correct. The girls are mean.
    Poor Franklin...but what about PigPen? That dirty bird wasn't even invited!

    Happy Turkey Day, Belinda!!

  10. Poor Franklin. I guess I never noticed the Charlie Brown craziness before. It's been a long time since I watched that stuff.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Oh my God, you're right.

    Epiphany in the form of a blog.

    My favorite kind.

  12. I read the other day that the Sesame Street of yesteryear (70's) isn't OKAY for kids now-a-days to watch! Yikes.

    I always liked how mean Lucy was, heck the boys always got away with it without a question. Not mean in the sense of nasty, but that she spoke her mind - no holdng back.

    My sister NEVER liked Peanuts or Schultz, and I am beginning to understand she saw things I could not yet...

    elizabeth (hinterlens)

  13. Elizabeth - my daughter loves the "old" Sesame Street stuff I find on YouTube. The current series? Not so much. She particular dislikes Elmo. Go figure. And the DVDs of The Electric Comany, circa early 70's got her reading inside of a week earlier this year!

    I liked Snoopy (still do), but that football gag with Lucy just made me cringe, even as a kid. The whole thing, with the trust issues, making promises knowing that you're lying, causing someone pain for your own amusement...*shudder*!

  14. I never understood the appeal of Charlie Brown. My dad suffered from a severe & undiagnosed clinical depression for much of my childhood & teen years, and especially the Charlie Brown Xmas special used to really rankle me... I just couldn't understand why it was fun to watch an entire group of kids, guys as well as girls, continually torture this one sad, bald, depressed loser.

    But the Franklin thing? That's just unsettling.

  15. Belinda, Here the Sesame Street article: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/11/18/magazine/18wwln-medium-t.html

    It makes me laugh (and makes me sad - at the same time.) I can't wait to get my hands on the *Old School* dvd's...and share them with my kids :)


  16. I have no memory of the Peanuts specials. My kids have the Halloween one, but (stellar parent that I am) I just let them watch it and didn't even pay attention to it.

    I only remember that when adults talk it sounds like "wah wah wah wah" and I LOVE that. It's perfect.

    But that Franklin thing -- no kidding, what is up with that?

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