Monday, November 12, 2007

Either Way, She's Playing God, And Mommy Is Not Flattered

Bella: "OK, we're going to play. I will be God, and Mommy, you can be Jonah."

Me: "JONAH? Why do I have to be Jonah? I don't want to be swallowed up by some leviathan creature."

Bella: (sighs) "Oh, all right. I will be God, Daddy, YOU will be Jonah, and Mommy--"

Me: (interrupting) "So help me, if you make me the whale, you are going to bed RIGHT NOW."

Bella: (exasperated) "Fine. You can be...some guy from Nineveh."

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  1. You must've done SOMETHING to irritate her. :)

  2. What are you complaining about. People had a LOT of fun before the flood in Nineveh. Think of it that way!

  3. I have the Veggie Tales version in my mind just now...FISH SLAPPER!

  4. I need to let Bella babysit once this kid is done baking. The hilarity.. seriously.

  5. Uh yeah you must be in trouble, you fish slapper (I love those veggies).

    I am however quite impressed anyone can say Nineveh. I can't ever get it out right.

  6. Out of the mouth of babes! My daughter called me a cow last week... don;t think she knew what she was saying but I took offense anyway!