Saturday, November 03, 2007

Continuing My Proud Tradition Of Skating In Under The Wire

I got some good responses to my plea for help for my ridiculously dry skin, and they're still coming in--thanks! I noticed in following up the several comments that mentioned Philosophy's Hope In A Jar, that there is a related product called "When Hope Is Not Enough," and that might be more what I need! I got a new tub of vitamin E cream for daytime, too...heck, my great-grandmother swore by it, and she seemed to never get a wrinkle in her life, and neither have the women at my office who use it. I'll let you know what I wind up trying, and if ANYTHING works. I'm not terribly optimistic.

I had to laugh (at MYSELF) upon reading all the recommendations for shea butter, because I have about 40 pounds of pure, unrefined shea butter sitting upstairs waiting to be used in soap, and I just forgot all about it. It's beautiful stuff, fair-trade guaranteed, sweet and nutty-scented, and I used to whip some up with a little avocado and sweet almond oil to use as a body-butter. For use on the face, it was good for softening up the dry skin, but too much for regular moisturizing. Wonderful in homemade lip balms, too.

Accomplished today? NOT A WHOLE LOT. New Southern Living magazine came, and that's always good, and I got to have lunch with my sister and my mom at the "Tropical Smoothie Cafe," where they both cracked me up by ordering bananas with their wraps. Why was this funny? I DO NOT KNOW, but I couldn't stop laughing. Just the idea of going into a restaurant and saying, "Why, yes, I'll have the BANANA," slayed me. I even memorialized the moment.

Then I went to Wal-Mart and spent a hundred dollars on cleaning supplies. I have the munitions, if not the gumption, to nuke this place into ultimate cleanliness. Let's see what happens, shall we? I also stopped myself from impulse-buying, first, a new steam-cleaner, and second, a new digital video-camera. Which is good, because I can in NO WAY afford either.

I had to put down Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, because I keep getting interrupted, and it's a Dickensian kind of a book that begs for long uninterrupted stretches of reading, and I haven't been able to manage that lately. So I'm trying some Michael Chabon for now (but not, Louey will be glad to know, the naked Alaskan book).

And since this post doesn't have ENOUGH links to Amazon...currently watching? It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Seasons 1 & 2.

And there. Not much substance, but met the deadline!

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  1. I use homemade shea body butter or mango butter body butter as a hair treatment, too. Sometimes I put it on straight, sometimes I mix it with fresh aloe gel from the garden. Slather, pin up, leave overnight or for 24 hours, and my hair is lustrously delicious.

  2. Seriously? Wow, I had not even thought of that, and I have both butters on hand. My hair has just totally gone to straw since the hysterectomy, and I have no idea what to do about it. Before, I had to be very careful NOT to condition my hair, because it would get weighed down. Now, I have no idea what's up. I'll try an overnight or heat-treatment with the shea butter, though, and see what happens!

  3. I keep skating in under the deadline, too. And wow, talk about my posts going from only barely quality to quantity alone. Egad. It's not a pretty thing.

    but you? Are adorable! And Shea butter doesn't work well for me, either. I'm kinda glad I'm not the only one.

  4. Drooling over the idea of homemade Shea body butters. The air is SO dry up here in the winter that I ought to have a better moisturizing plan. Or I'll look like I'm geriatric by the time I'm 40.

  5. mrs.flinger - that ain't ME being adorable, that's my sister and my mother. And they ARE, right?

    Erin - I'd be too happy to shoot you some shea butter. The good stuff is hard to get in small quantities, but like I said, I have 40 or 50 pounds on hand that came over on a literal slow boat from Africa.

  6. That's your MOTHER in that picture? Holy cow. I'll have whatever she's having, por favor.

  7. That is, indeed, my mother, and I myself am 41 years old, so if you do some math, you will figure out that she has an aging painting of herself hidden in an attic somewhere. But seriously? She only puts healthy things into her body, and exercises faithfully, and stays out of the sun, etc. etc. and so on. I should live by her example.

  8. Good genes!

    I love those times when everyone is looking at you like you are a lunatic, but deep down they wish they could have half as much fun.

    PS. I'm not saying you aren't a lunatic because you might be.


  9. Not sure if I am too late to reco a moisturizer...but I am a fan of all things Benefit...and their "Dear John" is amazing. If you go to the counter, they will give you a small sample of it...and "Honey, snap out of it" Hope that helps you...

  10. Ok, so I have had my head up my butt for the last 5 days & COMPLETELY forgot NaBloPoMo. Is it cheating to start now?

  11. Kind of an eerie post for me to read - my mom and I just went to the new Tropical Smoothie Cafe here for the first time today! And we did, as well, order the banana.

    Also, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is permanently in my DVD player.

  12. Wait till you are convalescing from a long illness, like consumption or dropsy, before picking up JS&MN again.

    I'm feeling the same way about Anna Karenina.