Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cheap--I Mean, Inexpensive--Gifts. That Are Awesome.

You're welcome. I browse a lot of Etsy shops, make a lot of bookmarks, and read a lot of Southern Living. And I don't believe in going broke to celebrate occasions that are about giving. Without further ado, here are some really great finds, all less than $50, and most less than $20. I know I would be tickled to receive any item on this list, and we all know what good taste I have, right? Oh, and as always, I don't have any financial affiliation with any of these sellers; this is just stuff I like.


-The Lee Bros. Southern Cookbook, $35. Won the James Beard Cookbook of the Year Award.
-Speaking of the Lee Bros., try their Fresh Boiled Peanuts, $25.50 for 5 lbs. Ask Styro.
-Betsy's Cheese Straws, $4-23.00 Oh, so good.
-Jackson Biscuit Company's Southern Style Beaten Biscuits, $2.50 per dozen. A real treat.
-Lava Bar, $1.99 per half-dozen. The closest you can get to mainlining chocolate.
-Straight outta N'awlins, Aunt Sally's Pralines, $11.49 These were my dad's idea of heaven on earth.
-A hometown favorite, Cavender's Greek Seasoning, $15 per 6-pack. Arkansans use this stuff on everything. When I met Alex, this was the main weapon in his cooking arsenal, and it's a good one.
-BaconSalt, $4.49. My favorite is the Peppered variety, and my favorite use so far is with baked potatoes and pasta.
-And finally, if you want to make a displaced Southerner weep with nostalgia and joy, then spend $4 and treat them to an RC Cola and a Moon Pie. I'm a little teary-eyed just typing that.


-Browse Yelena's whole store, starting with this Butter Jade necklace, $39. She's running a great holiday sale right now.
-Sterling silver bass-clef-inspired earrings, $14, which I love because they're pierced, but have no clasp or backing. Simple.
-Gorgeous, sweet little orange sterling-silver/polymer earrings, $17.90. Darling.
-Dragonfly "Earwings," $29. I love bug jewelry, and bonus points for the clever name.
-Cobalt Corian ring, $20. Yep, that stuff your countertops are made of. Way cute.


-"Stations," fine art print by Andrea Pratt, $40. I LOVE THIS PAINTING. Heck, I own the original. Andrea has printed some of her other work recently, so shop around her store a little.
-Chunky Landscape Prints by Mandy Budan, $40. This artist has really found a style that works for her, and despite not being a big landscape fan, I can't help but like these extremely interesting paintings she does.
-Photography by Schmutzie, from $15. She's gifted, has soul, and besides, she's a striking writer. And also, a writer who is currently on strike. Photos with depth, texture, and emotion.
-Inspirational items from Jen Lemen, $7-15. A really great way to uplift a sister.
-Retro-flavored prints, from $10, in splashy, delicious colors, many featuring long and lanky black cats or snooty poodles. These would be great for any deco or Eames fans, and they're just fun and funky.


-When I tell you that Heber Springs, Arkansas-based Aromatique is the best home fragrance purveyor in all the world, you need to just believe me. And their Cinnamon Cider line from $9-20, is the favorite of just about everyone I know, especially at this time of year. Just DELICIOUS.
-Japanese Pickle Press, $24.99. You don't even care what it does. You just like saying "Why, it's a Japanese pickle press," authoritatively, when you give it.
-CUTEST EVER roundish cranberry coffee mug, with four precious little round "feet," $15. The "feet" not only make this mug unique and adorable, they also serve to protect surfaces from condensation, so you don't need a coaster. Man, this thing is cute.
-More suitable to cafe au lait, nice wide-mouthed The Perfect Mug, $10, is just begging to be cradled in both hands.
-"Color Sample" Tableware, $4-7. I want just about every piece of this.
-Bella wants to use chopsticks BADLY, but just doesn't have the manual dexterity yet, so I can't wait to give her these Clothespin Chopsticks, $3.99.
-Hand-thrown Galaxy Bowl, $18. Just gorgeous, and I can't believe the price.


-The Elf On The Shelf, $29.95. Just check it out.
-Give someone Herpes (or mono, a cold, even mad cow), $7.99
-Catnip Banana, $4. Hilarious cat/banana interaction potential.
-Handmade wooden Gumball/Candy Dispenser, $15. I'm thinking this looks like a good option for Bella's teacher, who keeps big bowls of Skittles and M&Ms on her desk.
-Funky, cute retro-flavored aprons from Boojiboo, $15-22. These make me want to throw a non-alcoholic cocktail party. What? I don't know.
-Tiny Superhero Robot, $10. Just what it sounds like. A tiny, superhero robot.
-Cherry Wood Baby Rattle, $18.95. Perfect fin the current Toxic Toy Aftermath.
-From Lucky Threadz Tees, Grammar Crackers, $14. These is good.
-I want every single one of my dogs to have one of these knitted Holly Dog Collars, $12. This design is brilliant, and incorporates the holly branch, leaves, and berries. SO cute.
-Alex really wants one of these Ninja Remotes from ThinkGeek, $8.99, which allow you to commandeer just about any TV set. No more "Oprah" in the doctor's waiting room!
-If you know someone who's into flickr, then they might have MOO cards. And if they have MOO cards, then they want one of these clip-on MOOPockets, $15. Splatgirl has a stunning variety of fabrics.
-And while you're in Splatgirl's shop, you need to shop for your dog some more, and get him/her/them some of these fabulous, funky, colorful collars, $15. She also makes custom leashes to match.
-Dog Breed Puzzimals, $10, speaking of dogs.
-Finally, to Alex's utter delight, you, too, can give a loved one that gift, in a box, immortalized by Justin Timberlake. You know what I'm talking about. $25 buys you much hilarity, as well as increased cancer awareness and a donation to a cancer charity.

Oh, and stock up on Secret Agent Josephine's Gift Tags to keep your gifts sorted out, $2 per dozen, and super-cute.

Happy Shopping!


  1. HAHHA @ Grammar Crackers.

    However, my favorite is that mug. SO YUMMY! Or something. Adorable? Dunno. I can just see its little face. IT TALKED TO ME.

    (Um, don't go looking for a face on it. It's just me.)

  2. Those grammar crackers shirts made me LOL! The one with all the foods making the noise of the animals they come from, and the Chinese food container is saying "woof"? So wrong, and so funny! And that tiny superhero robot is adorable. Thanks so much for the great finds!


  3. Wow, I am in awe. All this stuff is WAY cool. But it is beyond me why the Lava Bar's packaging would ever need to "self-seal." In my house that baby would be sucked down in one big slurp.

  4. I'm with Alex. I am so getting the box, and the whole cancer awareness thing they got goin on!!

    If you have a need for Zombies, especially the sock monster type, there is an Etsy store for that also.

    Everybody needs one. Not want. Need

  5. All the art stuff is cool, I love Andrea's work. I need to go shop it and see if she has a print of the painting I loved. I am actually working on my photos and seeing about selling some of them.

    I would love pretty much anyhting on this list. Favorites are the colorful dog collars and the color sample tableware!

  6. Link overload! Thanks for the ideas - I can't wait to spend some time browsing here.

  7. Oo -- you're a GOOD online shopper. Thanks for alerting me to Kerry Beary and I came *this close* to ordering an RC Cola and Moon Pie.

  8. Okay, now I have to buy some of Andrea's stuff and some of BudanArt's stuff just for myself.

  9. Boiled peanuts are one of the finer treats in life, I do declare. Ordered some for my daddy just now!

    I'll add to your list: Byrd Mill white stone-ground grits, $7.90 for a 5 pound sack---you'll have to buy 2, as they have a $10 minimum on shipping, but that way you can keep one for yourself. Seriously, the WORLD'S BEST stone-ground grits. You will die happy.

  10. I'm bowing at your feet--I can DEFINITELY get behind these sorts of gifts!
    I feel like I want to spread the black death, e. coli, and fat cells this Christmas. :)

    And the MUG WITH FEET! I need that.
    And the PICKLE PRESS! Who DOESN'T need one of those!

    I feel like I just had a Big O. ;)

  11. You're the Bomb, Belinda. I now have three new Favorite Sellers to patronize this weekend on Etsy. Thanks!

  12. I've already ordered the SAJ gift tags, which should arrive (hopefully) before Hanukkah. Which starts on Tuesday night. OMG! So not into it.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the secret TV remote thingy. That is so perfect for a certain someone who believes he is in charge of the TV. MY tv. Heh.

    THe catnip banana is a must have for the worthless pet. He would love it.

    Those retro prints? Where do you think my cat logo came from! Yup.

    Great collection of links. THANKS.

  13. This is awesome! I am way behind on doing some Saturday Morning Links at my blog and I'll definitely mention this Saturday.

    I love Southern Living, too...can't wait to check these finds out. I'm also all about the fabulous for a frugal price.

    p.s. now you have me craving RC Cola...haven't had that in years although my FIL had some in his workshop fridge recently ;)

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