Thursday, October 11, 2007

You Wish You Had A Sister Like The One I Got

Oh, yeahhhhh...

Yeah. Go, Andrea. It's your birthday. I was feeling bad about not having gotten your gift yet, but since your husband bought you a freaking MacBook, I'm thinking about coming over there and taking some of your stuff AWAY from you. Just kidding. Kind of.

So, for the next five days, until MY birthday on the 16th, you are only FOUR years younger than me. Booyah. (Sorry, Bella says that all the time. It rubs off.) And because I am super-lazy, I'm just referring back to your birthday post from two years ago: The Best Birthday Present EVER. And I'm making an extra loaf of Braided Beer and Cheese Bread for you.

Four days after MY birthday, it's Bella's turn. She will be five. I am totally unprepared. BIG SURPRISE, right? October is a busy month for us.


  1. Dude. Your sister is as stunning and beautiful as you are. Happy Birthday Ninjasister!

  2. Bwaaaaah :(. I want a sister.

    Can I have you as my sister for MY birthday?!!

  3. Sisters are the best!

    Happy birthday, Ninjapooglegirls!

  4. Yup. And my birthday was on the first.

    You forgot that part.


    It's.... fine. I still love you.


  5. Happy Birthday to your beautiful sister! Boy, you guys got good genes!

    I wondered who the extra loaf of bread was for!?

    elizabeth (hinterlens/flickr)

  6. Happy Birthday to the lovely Andrea!

  7. No fair-your sister is gorgeous AND she has a Mac Book.

    Some girls have all the luck.