Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Two Down, One To Go, Plus Halloween

happy birthday to me / This is Today 65

My birthday is past, and I was showered with camera accessories, so I'm pretty happy and will be busy learning for a while, but now it's time to rush like mad to get ready for Bella's party on Saturday (which is, hallelujah, her actual birthday, so I've dodged a whining-bullet there). Haven't even gotten her gifts yet, which is par for the course, but at least we're having the party hosted somewhere else and I don't have to go nuts like I did at last year's Purple Pony Party. Seriously--what was I thinking with that? And hadn't I just had surgery? Why didn't someone smack me, or just give me an extra dose of Demerol?

October is a busy month for us, always has been in this family. Andrea's birthday the 11th, mine the 16th, Bella's the 20th (Dad's is the 21st, very next day, so I guess I'll think of him all day long during her every birthday for the rest of my life, sometimes smiling and sometimes crying--at least there can be smiling now. HIS mother's birthday was the 12th, also. Yeah, we get cold in January or something. I tried to hang on another 4 hours the night that Bella was born, but Dad said, "Let that baby girl have her OWN birthday." And so she does.).

And now, we have the spectre (HA!) of Halloween looming before us, which is so weird. It's really the only holiday that, before children, you can ignore if you want. I mean, there are no days off, it's not like it's a "real" holiday, so if you choose not to mark it, it just comes and goes, no muss, no fuss. NO MORE. Turning out the lights and hiding only works when you don't have a child INSIDE the house. Now I have to figure out some way to make her into a fairy or a butterfly (don't you just love how both those options include wings?) within the next couple of weeks. And knowing Arkansas weather, I'll have to be prepared for it to either be 92 degrees (this is the most likely scenario) or 42 degrees, and have costume options at the ready for both forecasts.

So. Off to birthday shop, a bit. She won't be getting the only things she's written down on a list so far, one of which I'm not even going to mention because I don't want you all to go out and buy them all up before Christmas, and the other of which was "three rocking-chairs." Uh...weird kid? Yeah, I got one of those. Which is only fitting, I suppose, since I WAS one of those.


  1. Camera gear is a good thing! Happy birthday!

  2. Belinda~~~ October 20th was my very beloved Grandmother's birthday too. Even though Bella didn't share her day with your Dad, she does share it with someone ( in my opinion) who was similarly wonderful!


  4. Happy early b-day to Bella girl. What will she be for Halloween this year???

  5. Happy Birthdays:

    Bella belated


    Belinda just in time!