Friday, October 12, 2007

Treat Yourself This Weekend

Grilled Cheese of Supreme Awesomeness

You know who's been on my mind lately? Dave. And you know what Dave appreciates? Well, let's not start a whole THING about that, but among other things, Dave likes him a good grilled-cheese sandwich. And I happen to have made some today that were so good they nearly knocked me unconscious, so I thought I'd share.

First and foremost, you start with a few slices of Beer & Cheese Bread, and you have to make it yourself. But it's not hard. What, you have something else to do? Trust me, it's worth it. I mean, come on--look at this stuff!

We're talking slabs of bread an inch thick--bread that already has American and Swiss cheese IN it. Then you pile up some sharp cheddar, smoked provolone, and mozzarella cheeses, sprinkled with garlic powder. Give each sandwich a 10-20 second warm-up in the microwave just to get the cheese started melting, since the bread is so thick, and finally, of course, grill the sandwiches on each butter.

That's enough to get some happy endorphins going in just about anyone, not to mention anyone's monkey. Precede and follow this meal with meals containing plenty of non-soluble fiber.


  1. Now that is a DARN fine looking grilled cheese sandwich!

    Considering I had a stale bagel with cream cheese for my dinner, I am totally jealous here. :-P

  2. *sigh*

    Now I want grilled cheese. And it's almost 10pm. But really, is there really a BAD time for grilled cheese? I think not.

  3. Mmmm. I grill mine with good Wisconsin cheese. I might have to make these tonight. Mmmm.

  4. Cheese is one of the many foods I can't eat at the moment. Along with coffee, pancakes, syrup, steak, coffee, beer, cookies, cake, chocolate, coffee, potato salad, salad dressing, coffee, and a thousand other things that I can't eat but won't know about until after I try them. *sigh*

    But the sandwiches look wonderful. Maybe you could eat two for me.

  5. i am making the bread now!! it is only the 1st rising, so, i have some time before i can make that awsome looking cheese sammich:)

  6. It's only 9:30 in the morning, but holy crap I want a grilled cheese!

  7. WHY?

    -must find something salty and cheesy immediately.


  8. mmmmmmmmmmmmm...

    That sounds divine....