Monday, October 08, 2007

Hog Wild

Almost forgot about My Best Shot Monday (see left sidebar). It's a tough choice, because I took a couple hundred pictures. My BEST shot? Maybe this one, of Brandon Barnett achieving flight (PLEASE click through to the flickr page and "view large"):

for real

My favorite one? Probably...well, I have to ask you, because it's Bella's favorite Q & A right now, if you have your tickets. Do you have your tickets? To what? Why, to the show, of course. What show? The Darren McFadden GUN SHOW.

The McFadden Gun Show / This is Today 55

There are actually a few more that I'm proud of in this flickr set, if you care to take a look. A Saturday evening football game suddenly got several times more interesting for me, simply by virtue of having a camera there.


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  2. Nice photo! Even if it is a Razorback. ;-)

  3. Isn't technology grand?

    Miss you, B. I need to email you with regard to something that you said to me on my blog. Can you write me at so I have the right address for you?

    Thanks love.