Saturday, October 06, 2007

Google Analytics Freaks Me Out A Little

Everyone at BlogHer '07 was singing the praises of Google Analytics as a stat-checker, so, me being on the cusp of every internet trend the way I am, I decided to check it out three months later. I registered my websites, and waited the requisite 24 hours for the initial data to come flowing in.

I've been watching it for a few days now, and while there's a LOT I don't understand (What's a "bounce rate," and do you want a high or low percentage of bounce?), there's a lot there to play with that's pretty darn cool. And for us dumb people? Why, there are pie charts! Just like in USA Today, the national newspaper for dumb people (What? Isn't that their motto?)!

I know now that almost half my traffic is "direct traffic," which means that half the people who come here do so intentionally and directly. Thank you, half the people! Another 35% gets here by way of referral from other sites, which I LOVE and am fascinated by (more on that in a sec), and the rest wind up here via search engines, probably looking for things like "aluminum underpants" and "satin balls." Actually, once you get past searches for the actual blog name and URL, my top three keyword search returns are "absolutely mindy" (which I find delicious), "satin balls," and "38d boobs."

I get referring visits from links on flickr and Twitter, which is cool, and from other blogs where I contribute, like RealMental and Ninja Poodles Local and Get It Together!, and then I am astonished to find out just how many visits I get because of other bloggers. And I realize that I now owe Chris Jordan money, or something. So right now, I just want to pay homage to my top blogger referrers by trying to return the favor, and send some of you over to see them (though, chances are, you already do visit them, because they're all certainly better than ME).

Far and away sending more people my way than any other blog is Notes From The Trenches. I think it's because of this flattering photo of Chris. She HAS to love me for that, right?

After that, here are the top fifteen who give this little blog a bit more exposure, many through the BlogHer network, but several not. If you haven't already, go visit them today--you know how slow weekends are--and show them it's not a one-way street, here:

1. Fussy
2. Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda
3. Jen And Tonic
4. Now The Party's Over
5. Joy Unexpected
6. Busy Mom
7. Matilda In The Rock
8. Bipolar Housewife
9. Divine Elegance
10. Motherhood Uncensored
11. Redheads Unite
12. In The Trenches of Motherhood
13. Mom To The Screaming Masses
14. Suburban Turmoil
15. Imp's Playground

Go, visit! What else do you have to do today? Sign up for Google Analytics. Then write a post explaining it to me like I'm internetally challenged, which I am! And that number 15 spot is about a 10-way tie, so I'll probably post those links tomorrow, like you don't already know and love them...but just in case.

Just a couple of issues, quickly: First of all, the DOZENS of people searching the phrase, "Am I a bad person?" Stop it! The fact that you're even wondering about it means that you're almost certainly not. The real jerks never stop to consider for a moment that they have posteriors for headgear. Secondly, I know I must have raved about them on my site at one time or another, but the recipe for Boy Scout Burgers is LINDSAY'S. And they are most awesome. Make some tonight.


  1. I do not get the Google Analytics either. And, I am ashamed of that because I interpret web statistics FOR A LIVING. Please do not share this information with my boss. A bounce rate? I wonder what that is each time I look - I know what it means in email marketing? Okay, rambling, back to bed.

  2. Being chronically lazy, please convince me that it's better than Site Meter and then I'll switch!

  3. Okay since I love stats so much...I just added it right now and will report back in a week to tell you if I like it better than my SiteMeter and/or whether or not I get it!

  4. I LOVE that photo of Chris. I believe I favourited it.

  5. That was me searching for aluminum underpants.

    I tried to set up Google Analytics a while back, and I can't even remember the nature of the difficulty I had. I am COMPLETELY inept. A dummy like me has to rely on Site Meter, I guess -- the USA Today of stats.

  6. I am thinking of using that photo as my Christmas card this year. Everyone is tired of seeing my kids anyway.

  7. Woooooo! Boy Scout Burgers! Thanks for the linkage!

  8. Always glad to send a little business to Ninja Poodles. You were the very first Blog I ever read! Still one of my most favorites.
    Thanks for the shout-out!

  9. I was lectured by my sister, who reads this blog, and who told me I needed to get over here and thank you for posting a link to my blog! I have been absent from the blogging world for a few months, also a lecture there, and I haven't even visited my favorite blogs recently. But after a few months of hard work applied elsewhere in my life, I have made a return, and I think I owe you a big, appreciative hug, and a "wow, cool!" that I've sent any readers your way. I think that's awesome!

    I hope you've been doing well since I've been away, that the family is well. I'm still hoping you'll end up with extra poodles someday, that you'll be BEGGING for volunteers to adopt, but that hasn't happened yet! ;) I'm glad to see you're still here in the world o' blogging, and still posting the usual spunky and entertaining bloglines!


  10. Hi there. I signed up for Google Analytics long ago, and the whole installation (I was using outdated blogging software at the time that made me do scary things like mess around with the code) seemed to daunting. I'm pretty happy with StatCounter, but I known what you mean about stat reading becoming an addictive little hobby. (I popped on over from MyBlogLog, by the way.) I love the seemingly random phrases that led someone to my blog.

  11. Seriously, Google Analytics is a seriously good and FREE tool.

    PS: I like the way you blog :), Seriously its fun to read what you write, just makes me smile. Thanks