Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Go Party Like It's Your Birthday

Or, go party like it's MY birthday. Which means you get to do nothing all day, all by yourself, and then get taken to dinner at the restaurant of your choice. Which, if you're me, can really only mean Brave New Restaurant. That is "my choice" so often in these situations that I might as well not have a choice. I may be doing a semi-fast all day just so that I can get in three courses tonight. I don't know why I worry--the last time we went, we didn't leave anything behind except licked plates. OK, I'm exaggerating. Alex stopped me before I actually licked my plate. But it was a close thing.

My mouth is already set for Goat Cheese mousse or a Baked Camembert appetizer, and I can't wait to hear what the fresh seasonal selections are, and also to have a chocolate creme' brulee' that sends so many endorphins rocketing through your brain that you're like Odette with a box of catnip:

reefer madness
No, kitteh! No Pocky for KITTEH!

What about you? On those delightful occasions when you get to go to dinner "anywhere you'd like," where do you go? Provide links, where possible, no matter where you're from. I'm always interested in peoples' favorite spots all over the country (and here, too, if you've got 'em).

Oh, and if you just MUST know, I am, as of today, officially IN my forties, instead of just BEING forty. I don't like it much yet. Back on the diet wagon TOMORROW. Today, we eat well.



    Hope it was as wonderful as it sounded.

    For my birthday, I would choose a local Mom-n-Pop establishment, so tiny that it doesn't even have a website. They make all of their own Italian food fresh ( the owner/chef is from Italy) and all of the staff are family. Their Fettucine Alfredo is TO DIE for!

    Then, of course, I have to come home before dessert because every year, my Mom makes me a cake that my grandmother always made for me when she was alive:


  2. Sounds fantastic. I expect to be taken to these places if I'm ever in any of your towns.

    Let's see...it's almost 9 am...I'm thinking NAP. What? IT'S MY BIRTHDAY.

  3. Happy birthday!

    Birthdays in our family usually involve Charlie Browns restaurant


    because we can all find something to eat there and we love the salad bar (and raisin bread).

    The place you are going to sounds REALLY good, though.

  4. Happy Birthday Belinda!!

    I hope it turns out as wonderful as it sounds!!

    For the last 5 years, I have managed to spend the days around my birthday in NYC...because of work requirements...and we eat here...http://www.rosamexicano.info/ and here...http://www.angelomulberry.com/index.html and here...http://www.patinagroup.com/nickStef/

    MMM...I miss it...I would have an expense account...and cosmos...and I am getting teary eyed now...because that isn't going to happen this year...oh but this isn't about me!!
    Happy Birthday...enjoy it...you certainly deserve it!!

  5. Happy Birthday Lady!

    For my birthday, I like to go to one of the following:




    Except, this year for my birthday, I'll be in Atlanta, so I'll have to make do with something there :).

  6. Happy Birthday!!! This weekend I will officially be in my thirties:o) I can't think of any restaurant in particular as I don't make it to the big ones to often.

  7. Happy Birthday!!!

    Doing nothing, alone, is one of my favorite activities.

    This is one of my fave restaurants:
    Gio, in Evanston, IL
    I usually get the risotto special or the veal special.

    And I want to go here:
    Wildfire, in Lincolnshire, IL

    Have a great day looking forward to dinner!

  8. Have a great birthday! Betty sends birthday wishes to her PeopleMamma too!

    My favorite for dining out is:

    Mmmmmm Nebraska beef!

  9. My new favorite resteraunt for the "anywhere you want to go" times is The Park Grill in Gaitlinburg. Zach and I found it on our anniversary and loved it!! We went back for my birthday.

    Happy Birthday!!


  10. Happy birthday, Belinda Baby. I'd love to share that camembert with you. Normally, I'd go somewhere that would produce a sugar-induced coma and be left with chocolate bits dangling from my lips.

    Great way to spend the thirties or forties, eh?

  11. Happy birthday, you youngster, you.

    Here's my choice of a birthday repast you just can't say "no" to:


    It's a small, neighborhood restaurant with an amazingly talented chef, sort of new Asian fusion cuisine, and oh man...YUM.

  12. Happy birthday! Love the photo, and the caption is awesome. My special treat / no kids allowed restaurant is Taj Mahal 7 Wonders (funny name, yes?) here in Halifax on Canada's east coast.


    My absolute favourite thing to order is lamb vindaloo with a mango lassie. The vindaloo is so spicy the servers warn you before you're allowed to order it. I suffer for a couple of days afterward but it's worth it.

  13. Happy Birthday to you!
    You're beautiful, too.
    Be LA-zy, be pamp-ered,
    Eat cake, not tofu.

    And many more. haha :)

    Hope you have a great day!

  14. Sadly, in our small town, there aren't many choices.

    But I LOVE Brave New Restaurant! I'll go with you, anytime!

  15. Happy Birthday! October 16th is my birthday, too. We didn't really do anything today, but this weekend we are going to CLAIM JUMPER with some friends. I am fasting until then. I hope you had a great day!

  16. Brave New Resaraunt is quite good! Peter never disappoints. I will beg you to try Resaraunt Capeo! Very tasty indeed. I would reccomend the elk/ or duck!

  17. In San Antonio, I usually go to El Chapparral in Helotes, or to Sompong's (Thai). I've also got my favorite Chinese place as Bei Fang, but they've moved to a new location and the new restaurant isn't open yet. We're going crazy waiting for them! Luckily there are lots and lots of good restaurants here to choose from. Happy Birthday!