Saturday, October 20, 2007

Five Already. Where Did FOUR Go?

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Bella, I have asked you to stop growing, but you won't. When I asked you why that is, you told me, "That's just how kids go." But does it have to go by so FAST?

This year's party was a lot easier than last year's--at least as far as parental labor goes. We had it at the new bowling alley, which was a big hit with all your friends (who, by the way, were some of the sweetest kids I've ever met).

This kid OWNED the granny style bowling technique

Tyler's form was very consistent


I kept getting tickled at Colin's hair getting blown up by the hand dryer

The significant factor in this year's party was the level of BOSSY coming from the Birthday Girl. WOW, are you ever bossy. And loud. Where'd you get that, anyway?

Very subtle Bella offering what I'm sure were gentle, helpful suggestions

bossiest birthay girl ever

There was some pouting, but only from you, because you just could not control everything that everyone was doing all at the same time.
we've been having some drama queen issues, just hoped they wouldn't surface on party day

We bowled, we had pizza and cake, we played in the arcade, and then we drove home.
really glad we've got some time before they get licenses

Wait--WE drove home. You rode in the backseat, asleep. As soon as we got home, you said, "I am very very sleepy. I'll be in my room." We didn't see you for four hours, at which point you got up and asked to have cake for supper. And do you know what? We had cake for supper. I told you that it was because it was your birthday, and you ought to be able to have cake for supper on your birthday if you want. That resulted in the following exchange:

Bella: "So, I can do whatever I want?"

Me: "I don't know about that..."

Bella: "But you said I could have what I want for my birthday, and what I want is to do whatever I want!"

Me: "Uhhhhh..."

Bella: "HA. I got you there, didn't I?"

Me: "Yep. You got me there, Kiddo."

Count the day a success

(I didn't get anywhere near the photos I'd have liked, mainly because I couldn't figure out the lighting, and also because I was always apologizing to someone for some ridiculous thing that just came out of my daughter's mouth, but there are a few more here.)


  1. And she just keeps getting more adorable. :-)

  2. We've told our kids that in order to keep them little and cute, they have to stop eating so much. That's the reason for it, obviously. For some reason, they aren't so much in favor of it.
    Bella does keep getting more adorable.
    Happy Birthday, Bella.
    Have fun being five.

  3. Welcome to the world of a 5 year old female. Loud, bossy and wanting to take on the world!

    She is beautiful and smart...........and I love that you all had cake for dinner to celebrate. You and Alex have obviously done a wonderful job.

  4. ooh, cake for dinner. love it.

    that looks like an awesome bday party.

    i want to hang out with you two and paint each others nails or something.

    happy bday to Bella and YOU. This is an important milestone for you, too. Otherwise you wouldn't be organizing bday parties.


  5. Ha! She is so gonna hit you up for a barbie pink corvette someday...and you will have to give it to her because it's her birthday!

    Nice move, mom! *L*


  6. Cake for supper -- it worked for Bella at 5, will it work for me at 47? :) I like bowling parties; we had them for both kids at one time or another.