Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Because I Love The Pudding

The Fluid Pudding, that is. Because she talks smart and fancy, and is funny, and is kind, has made out with Harry Truman, and shares important discoveries with the world, like this one:

I Kid You NOT, buy some TODAY

It came yesterday, delivered to my office, and Alex and I went around forcing everyone to taste it, and to say, "Oh my gosh, that really DOES taste like bacon!" I knew that FP had had a somewhat disappointing first BaconSalt experiment with scrambled eggs, that involved various parts of her brain arguing with each other (I can't really sympathize, because I can ONLY eat eggs as a side dish, no matter what flavor they might be, so this is one I'd never have tried--plus, the various parts of my brain are not on speaking terms with each other), so Alex rushed right over to the grocery store and bought some big ol' potatoes.

Short review: BaconSalt baked potatoes are DEELISH. I used both the original and peppered flavors of BaconSalt on mine, and if I'd had a baked potato the size of my head with the BaconSalt on it, I think I could have eaten it. Or, you know, gone down trying. So, in the end, we had a low-cal dinner of broccoli and baked potatoes, but felt as though we ate like kings. BaconSalt + 'Taters = GOOD THING.

I speak more of this, plus the week in review and the horror of my front entryway, in a couple of recent posts over yonder.

Oh, yeah--no remuneration was received for this post, not even free BaconSalt, sadly. The BaconSalt people don't even know I exist, but for my order. Although, now that I've posted this stuff everywhere, if they just wanted to send me free swag, I'd be totally cool with that.


  1. Breaking news! BREAKING NEWS!!! I just took your corn on the cob suggestion, and I made it happen. Corn on the cob with a touch of butter and Original Bacon Salt? 4.8 out of 5 pig bottoms!

  2. I think that Bacon Salt got it's start here in Washington State! We rule!

    Bacon Salt is delicious (and vegetarian-safe!) but not very healthy... enjoy in moderation! :-)

  3. Angela, if we had had BaconSalt for Alex's corn macque choux the other night, he might have just died from happy.

    dave - it is! And it it genius. To be sure, I only plan to use it *in place* of regular salt, and I don't salt much to begin with. What will you Washingtonians think of next?

  4. Thanks for helping to spread the word! Please shoot us an email at passthebacon@baconsalt.com and we'll come up with a good way to say "thanks"!