Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

This is my favorite Jack-O-Lantern shot this year, by Vicki Rogers. I keep going back again and again to look at it.

Hope all the little trick-or-treaters stay safe tonight, and for something REALLY scary...NABLOPOMO starts tomorrow!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

You Help Me, I Help You

I have dry skin. The most dry skin you've ever come across, particularly on my face. I need a facial moisturizer--one with superpowers, preferably. There are no issues with combination skin, breakouts, or anything but DRY. Dry and flaky. I've been to a dermatologist about it, and he gave it some fancy eczema classification, and gave me some extremely expensive prescription steroid-based stuff, as well as something else that also did not work.

This is ONLY happening on my face and scalp. My face gets so dry that the skin begins to scale, even--how's that for a lovely image? My face is always a different color than the rest of me, with or without makeup. Makeup is a problem, because while I need a foundation to even out the blotchiness, foundation and powder merely serve to exhibit the dry, flaky skin on my face to an extreme extent. Exfoliating works a little, but can't remove all the dry stuff, and causes more redness. HELP ME. If you have a serious facial moisturizer, PLEASE share your find with me. At this point, I don't care if it contains sheep placentas or ground echidna penii; I am DESPERATE.

What do you get in return, you ask? Well, I make sure you're aware that Aaron McGruder's new book, All the Rage: The Boondocks Past and Present, is out as of today.

I added it to my my own Amazon wish-list, but the chances that I'll be able to stand not buying it for myself before anyone else has a chance to are slim to none. Do yourself a favor, and pick up a copy for yourself and one for a friend. The price is right, and the time is right. Revel in the genius of McGruder. Heck, pick up a copy of A Right to Be Hostile: The Boondocks Treasury while you're at it.

Also, the second season of The Boondocks animated series is finally airing, after a 2-year hiatus...and it is awesome.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

What Were YOU Doing in 1983?

nothing comes between me and my calvins

I was apparently being SASSY. In my Calvin Klein jeans, button-down Oxford-cloth shirt, and plaid BOW-TIE. Not to mention the haircut that we were calling a "bi-level." No, really, it's totally different than a mullet. Honest.

When I was seventeen, it WAS a "very good year." *siiiiiigh* I think it's time to reclaim some of that happiness. If I try, I can remember being that spunky, fun kid, and I bet, if I try REALLY hard, I can even get her back, at least a little. I'm going for it.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Dear Lucky Magazine: Who can drop $642 on ONE BLOUSE and consider it a "lucky" find? What is your target demographic? Just curious. I guess, if I could do that, I WOULD be lucky.

Dear Mattel: You are on my list. We'll talk more about this later, you lying, deceiving, crap-monger.

Dear Migraine-Inducing Barometric Pressure: Get lost, already. Lighten up. Everything's nice and soaked, you can move along now.

Dear Concerned Friends: Please stop forwarding me the email about boycotting the upcoming film version of "The Golden Compass" because it is "anti-God." Seriously--I've received this email eleventy-million times in the last three days, and not one of those missives has come from someone who has seen this movie or even read any of the "His Dark Materials" series. Why should we be afraid of things that are "anti-God," anyway? Christianity is all about free will. It's a personal choice we make to accept Christ or not. If we could remove every influence in the world that was not Godly, well, then it wouldn't be much of a "choice," would it? It would seem to me that this film or the book it's based on might provide a prime opportunity to discuss important theological issues with our children, particularly the difference between faith and religion...but that's just me. Anyway, I know you mean well, but I've read the email, and the linked report now more than once. I'm good.

Dear Arkansas Immigration Alarmists: For your own mental health, accept the inevitable. We have a larger and larger influx of hispanics to this state every day, and I haven't seen anything you've proposed that's going to slow it down much, much less stop it. Take a breath, and start learning Spanish. We are.

Dear Internet: I think we're growing apart. It's not you, it's me. OK, it's mostly you. Give me things I NEED, or I'm going to have to start looking elsewhere.

Dear Real Life: Thank you for getting better. I couldn't have taken yet another sucky year.

Dear Family: I love you guys.

Dear Husband and Daughter: I am checking out of the Volume Race around here. You two are LOUD. You are, quite honestly, the two loudest people I have ever met in my whole, entire life. Isabella, I never dreamed that I would ever meet anyone as loud as your father...and then YOU came along. You were such a quiet baby. Can't we get back to that? I'm interested in everything the both of you have to say to me, but here's the thing: I'M RIGHT HERE. I can HEAR you. Just talk, in a normal human conversational tone, for the love of my eardrums. I'm not going to compete to be heard any more. If you want to hear what I have to say, you're going to have to hush up and listen, because I'm not gonna holler any more.

Dear Wal-Mart grocery department: You disappoint me. I occasionally shop with you when I just need a few things for one dinner, and also have to buy, say, a bucket or a belt-sander at the same time. Why does the biggest store in the universe have such a limited selection? It's weird. Congratulations on carrying Pocky, though.

Dear Kroger in Jacksonville: I love you. You have everything I need, and you double my coupons--even when I have half a dozen for the same item. You're clean and well-organized and not overwhelming, and you offer a varied selection of ethnic grocery items. Please treat your employees better so they don't always look so sour (see next item).

Dear Kroger in Cabot: You are new and shiny and clean and bright. You have super-wide aisles and the happiest staff I've ever seen at a grocery store in my life. When I dropped a jar of pizza-sauce and it smashed on the spotless floor, not only was there someone cleaning it up almost before the sound of the impact reached my ears, but he was HAPPY about it, smiling from ear to ear and cracking jokes about how at least I didn't drop the pricey stuff. You need to talk to the Jacksonville branch about how to keep your workers happy. BUT, Kroger in Cabot, when I have a choice, I don't choose you, even with your big comfy aisles and your happy employees. I choose Kroger in Jacksonville. Because, Kroger in Cabot, the layout of your store is INSANE. Like items belong together. I know it's probably some strategy to increase shopper exposure to as many items as possible, thereby increasing impulse purchases, but you know what? When I have to double back and re-trace my steps, it just annoys me. I wind up leaving without things I wanted to buy, just because I can't find them easily, and that is losing you money.

Dear local trees: I know it was 80 degrees until last week, but let's go with the foliage changing already.

Dear red pickup truck: I am SO tired of making payments on you. The next seven months can not go by quickly enough, as far as you're concerned.

Dear white Tahoe: Thank you for not breaking down, even though you're all paid for. Please last several more years, or at least until I can trade you in for something more reasonable. It's not you, it's just that I now have a husband, who has his own truck, so I no longer need your big engine or towing ability. When you're gone, I will miss you, though.

Dear house and 5 acres: You are on borrowed time. If the real estate market weren't so depressed right now, you would SO be up on the block. We're allergic to all your multitude of trees, and your weird, weird floor-plan is not cute any more. I am trying to like you better, so work with me, OK? This is your time to shine, in some way.

Dear poodles: It would be great if you guys could learn to bathe yourselves. You're smart enough--I really think you could do it. Give it some thought, OK? I'll keep the good food coming. Stay out of the trash.

Dear Invader Zim: Come back.

Dear Mario Van Peebles: I don't know where you've been for the last several years, but "Damages" was truly awesome. I noticed that you put yourself into the final episodes, and I'm hoping that doesn't change anything next season.

Dear whoever is responsible for the plot of the "Transformers" movie: Man, you stink at the plot-writing. Never write anything for public consumption ever, ever again. The way you wrote that whole storyline made it impossible to think anything throughout 2/3 of that movie except "why don't the Autobots and the Decepticons just have a bidding war on Ebay for the stupid glasses?" That would have been just about as interesting, too.

Dear Southern Living and Mental Floss magazines: I will never stop subscribing to either of you. The love, it is fierce.

Dear Real Simple magazine: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I picked up your November issue while in the checkout line at the grocery store, due to a personal character weakness of mine when it comes to magazines. After reading an article about cleaning, with practical tips like how to clean with non-toxic items like baking soda and vinegar, I came to the article about organizing a linen closet to optimize space. There, smack in the middle of $10 tap lights and storage chests, a $12 under-shelf basket, and a $13 mini-dresser, is this thing:
It's a small plastic wall-mount organizer, kind of like a hanging shelf with hard plastic "pockets" in which to store things. It costs $310. THREE HUNDRED AND TEN DOLLARS. For a place to put your spare paperclips. Real Simple, that is neither "real" nor "simple." Are you high? What kind of a kickback are you getting from the Uten.Silo people from this incongruous product placement?

Dear Everyone Who Reads And Comments: Wanna be on the blogroll? (I've just updated it, so check--you may already be there.) If you're not, and you should be (and if you come here often and comment, then you should be), please leave a comment with a link to your site so I can add you. Some of you come from dead-end Blogger profiles and I may not have your URL. Thanks!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gradual Healing Is Lasting Healing, Right?

My mom sent Alex home with a literal truckload of my dad's nice clothes today, and it didn't even make me cry.

There was something comforting in seeing him go through and examine each item, admiring it and hanging it carefully in his closet. If he had come home acting like it was stuff he had no use for, then I'd have been upset. But he was treating Dad's things with respect and not a little love, and that made it kind of OK.

My dad was a clotheshorse, and my mom knew how to shop for him, too. He was very tall, with long arms--like Alex, which kept him from being able to buy clothes off the rack. Everything he wore was top of the line, even his Razorback clothes--where Alex and I might buy a red sweatshirt with a hog on it, Dad would have a hand-knitted red sweater-vest with Razorback logos knitted into it. He also took meticulous care of everything he owned, from automobiles to tools to clothing. He appreciated quality in everything, and took care to ensure that his things would last.

Having those clothes on somehow coming full circle for me. Heck, just having them hanging in the closet is a tangible link to the love I was lucky enough to have for 37 years. The feel and smell of those fine things is a sensory embrace.

I said I didn't cry, but that's not entirely true. There was a moment, with some things that still had price tags on them...a moment of grieving for what should have been--the fact that he was planning to wear those things that fall, but never got to. The memory that he and Mom had gone on a mini-vacation just the weekend before his heart attack, and had done some shopping. The fact that all the plans we make as mortals can come to naught in the blink of an eye, with no warning whatsoever.

I cried a little. Just a few tears. And then, instead of spiraling into a grief cycle, I embraced my little family. And smiled.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Flickr Explore Landmarks

Well, for me, anyway. Today this shot I took of Bella back in May suddenly popped up in Explore in the number 11 spot. It's the highest-ranked Explore photo I've ever had, and tantalizingly close to breaking the top ten! My second-highest one ever was a silly photo of Delta the dog driving a tractor. Come to think of it, this photo of Bella was taken on that same tractor. Hmmmm. Maybe I should try having all my photos framed by a John Deere for a while.

Sometimes I Catch A Glimpse of Heaven

Additionally, Bella herself has now had her first Explore appearance, with this photo she took of the lighted tiles in the soda fountain at our local Dixie Cafe. It came in at #263, and is currently at #199. Not bad for a 4-year-old. I need to hand her the camera WAY more often.

blue tiles, by Bella, age 4

Oh, Won't You Comfort Me?

I feel as good as I look / This is Today 71

Look at me. I'm pitiful. Won't you go lend me your comfort food recipes? Over here or over there. If you have recipes with lung-clearing properties, that would just be a bonus.

If I could make chicken and dumplings without standing up, I would soooooo be doing that right now. It has been raining for years here, and the gray weather fits my grey mood. I need a hearty stew.

Good news is, Biaxin is kicking the gunk out of my lungs. And Alex's and Bella's. We should all be uber-healthy super-people by the end of the week.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Five Already. Where Did FOUR Go?

bright and sunny / This is Today 69

Bella, I have asked you to stop growing, but you won't. When I asked you why that is, you told me, "That's just how kids go." But does it have to go by so FAST?

This year's party was a lot easier than last year's--at least as far as parental labor goes. We had it at the new bowling alley, which was a big hit with all your friends (who, by the way, were some of the sweetest kids I've ever met).

This kid OWNED the granny style bowling technique

Tyler's form was very consistent


I kept getting tickled at Colin's hair getting blown up by the hand dryer

The significant factor in this year's party was the level of BOSSY coming from the Birthday Girl. WOW, are you ever bossy. And loud. Where'd you get that, anyway?

Very subtle Bella offering what I'm sure were gentle, helpful suggestions

bossiest birthay girl ever

There was some pouting, but only from you, because you just could not control everything that everyone was doing all at the same time.
we've been having some drama queen issues, just hoped they wouldn't surface on party day

We bowled, we had pizza and cake, we played in the arcade, and then we drove home.
really glad we've got some time before they get licenses

Wait--WE drove home. You rode in the backseat, asleep. As soon as we got home, you said, "I am very very sleepy. I'll be in my room." We didn't see you for four hours, at which point you got up and asked to have cake for supper. And do you know what? We had cake for supper. I told you that it was because it was your birthday, and you ought to be able to have cake for supper on your birthday if you want. That resulted in the following exchange:

Bella: "So, I can do whatever I want?"

Me: "I don't know about that..."

Bella: "But you said I could have what I want for my birthday, and what I want is to do whatever I want!"

Me: "Uhhhhh..."

Bella: "HA. I got you there, didn't I?"

Me: "Yep. You got me there, Kiddo."

Count the day a success

(I didn't get anywhere near the photos I'd have liked, mainly because I couldn't figure out the lighting, and also because I was always apologizing to someone for some ridiculous thing that just came out of my daughter's mouth, but there are a few more here.)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Two Down, One To Go, Plus Halloween

happy birthday to me / This is Today 65

My birthday is past, and I was showered with camera accessories, so I'm pretty happy and will be busy learning for a while, but now it's time to rush like mad to get ready for Bella's party on Saturday (which is, hallelujah, her actual birthday, so I've dodged a whining-bullet there). Haven't even gotten her gifts yet, which is par for the course, but at least we're having the party hosted somewhere else and I don't have to go nuts like I did at last year's Purple Pony Party. Seriously--what was I thinking with that? And hadn't I just had surgery? Why didn't someone smack me, or just give me an extra dose of Demerol?

October is a busy month for us, always has been in this family. Andrea's birthday the 11th, mine the 16th, Bella's the 20th (Dad's is the 21st, very next day, so I guess I'll think of him all day long during her every birthday for the rest of my life, sometimes smiling and sometimes crying--at least there can be smiling now. HIS mother's birthday was the 12th, also. Yeah, we get cold in January or something. I tried to hang on another 4 hours the night that Bella was born, but Dad said, "Let that baby girl have her OWN birthday." And so she does.).

And now, we have the spectre (HA!) of Halloween looming before us, which is so weird. It's really the only holiday that, before children, you can ignore if you want. I mean, there are no days off, it's not like it's a "real" holiday, so if you choose not to mark it, it just comes and goes, no muss, no fuss. NO MORE. Turning out the lights and hiding only works when you don't have a child INSIDE the house. Now I have to figure out some way to make her into a fairy or a butterfly (don't you just love how both those options include wings?) within the next couple of weeks. And knowing Arkansas weather, I'll have to be prepared for it to either be 92 degrees (this is the most likely scenario) or 42 degrees, and have costume options at the ready for both forecasts.

So. Off to birthday shop, a bit. She won't be getting the only things she's written down on a list so far, one of which I'm not even going to mention because I don't want you all to go out and buy them all up before Christmas, and the other of which was "three rocking-chairs." Uh...weird kid? Yeah, I got one of those. Which is only fitting, I suppose, since I WAS one of those.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Go Party Like It's Your Birthday

Or, go party like it's MY birthday. Which means you get to do nothing all day, all by yourself, and then get taken to dinner at the restaurant of your choice. Which, if you're me, can really only mean Brave New Restaurant. That is "my choice" so often in these situations that I might as well not have a choice. I may be doing a semi-fast all day just so that I can get in three courses tonight. I don't know why I worry--the last time we went, we didn't leave anything behind except licked plates. OK, I'm exaggerating. Alex stopped me before I actually licked my plate. But it was a close thing.

My mouth is already set for Goat Cheese mousse or a Baked Camembert appetizer, and I can't wait to hear what the fresh seasonal selections are, and also to have a chocolate creme' brulee' that sends so many endorphins rocketing through your brain that you're like Odette with a box of catnip:

reefer madness
No, kitteh! No Pocky for KITTEH!

What about you? On those delightful occasions when you get to go to dinner "anywhere you'd like," where do you go? Provide links, where possible, no matter where you're from. I'm always interested in peoples' favorite spots all over the country (and here, too, if you've got 'em).

Oh, and if you just MUST know, I am, as of today, officially IN my forties, instead of just BEING forty. I don't like it much yet. Back on the diet wagon TOMORROW. Today, we eat well.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Treat Yourself This Weekend

Grilled Cheese of Supreme Awesomeness

You know who's been on my mind lately? Dave. And you know what Dave appreciates? Well, let's not start a whole THING about that, but among other things, Dave likes him a good grilled-cheese sandwich. And I happen to have made some today that were so good they nearly knocked me unconscious, so I thought I'd share.

First and foremost, you start with a few slices of Beer & Cheese Bread, and you have to make it yourself. But it's not hard. What, you have something else to do? Trust me, it's worth it. I mean, come on--look at this stuff!

We're talking slabs of bread an inch thick--bread that already has American and Swiss cheese IN it. Then you pile up some sharp cheddar, smoked provolone, and mozzarella cheeses, sprinkled with garlic powder. Give each sandwich a 10-20 second warm-up in the microwave just to get the cheese started melting, since the bread is so thick, and finally, of course, grill the sandwiches on each butter.

That's enough to get some happy endorphins going in just about anyone, not to mention anyone's monkey. Precede and follow this meal with meals containing plenty of non-soluble fiber.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

You Wish You Had A Sister Like The One I Got

Oh, yeahhhhh...

Yeah. Go, Andrea. It's your birthday. I was feeling bad about not having gotten your gift yet, but since your husband bought you a freaking MacBook, I'm thinking about coming over there and taking some of your stuff AWAY from you. Just kidding. Kind of.

So, for the next five days, until MY birthday on the 16th, you are only FOUR years younger than me. Booyah. (Sorry, Bella says that all the time. It rubs off.) And because I am super-lazy, I'm just referring back to your birthday post from two years ago: The Best Birthday Present EVER. And I'm making an extra loaf of Braided Beer and Cheese Bread for you.

Four days after MY birthday, it's Bella's turn. She will be five. I am totally unprepared. BIG SURPRISE, right? October is a busy month for us.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Hog Wild

Almost forgot about My Best Shot Monday (see left sidebar). It's a tough choice, because I took a couple hundred pictures. My BEST shot? Maybe this one, of Brandon Barnett achieving flight (PLEASE click through to the flickr page and "view large"):

for real

My favorite one? Probably...well, I have to ask you, because it's Bella's favorite Q & A right now, if you have your tickets. Do you have your tickets? To what? Why, to the show, of course. What show? The Darren McFadden GUN SHOW.

The McFadden Gun Show / This is Today 55

There are actually a few more that I'm proud of in this flickr set, if you care to take a look. A Saturday evening football game suddenly got several times more interesting for me, simply by virtue of having a camera there.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Google Analytics Freaks Me Out A Little

Everyone at BlogHer '07 was singing the praises of Google Analytics as a stat-checker, so, me being on the cusp of every internet trend the way I am, I decided to check it out three months later. I registered my websites, and waited the requisite 24 hours for the initial data to come flowing in.

I've been watching it for a few days now, and while there's a LOT I don't understand (What's a "bounce rate," and do you want a high or low percentage of bounce?), there's a lot there to play with that's pretty darn cool. And for us dumb people? Why, there are pie charts! Just like in USA Today, the national newspaper for dumb people (What? Isn't that their motto?)!

I know now that almost half my traffic is "direct traffic," which means that half the people who come here do so intentionally and directly. Thank you, half the people! Another 35% gets here by way of referral from other sites, which I LOVE and am fascinated by (more on that in a sec), and the rest wind up here via search engines, probably looking for things like "aluminum underpants" and "satin balls." Actually, once you get past searches for the actual blog name and URL, my top three keyword search returns are "absolutely mindy" (which I find delicious), "satin balls," and "38d boobs."

I get referring visits from links on flickr and Twitter, which is cool, and from other blogs where I contribute, like RealMental and Ninja Poodles Local and Get It Together!, and then I am astonished to find out just how many visits I get because of other bloggers. And I realize that I now owe Chris Jordan money, or something. So right now, I just want to pay homage to my top blogger referrers by trying to return the favor, and send some of you over to see them (though, chances are, you already do visit them, because they're all certainly better than ME).

Far and away sending more people my way than any other blog is Notes From The Trenches. I think it's because of this flattering photo of Chris. She HAS to love me for that, right?

After that, here are the top fifteen who give this little blog a bit more exposure, many through the BlogHer network, but several not. If you haven't already, go visit them today--you know how slow weekends are--and show them it's not a one-way street, here:

1. Fussy
2. Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda
3. Jen And Tonic
4. Now The Party's Over
5. Joy Unexpected
6. Busy Mom
7. Matilda In The Rock
8. Bipolar Housewife
9. Divine Elegance
10. Motherhood Uncensored
11. Redheads Unite
12. In The Trenches of Motherhood
13. Mom To The Screaming Masses
14. Suburban Turmoil
15. Imp's Playground

Go, visit! What else do you have to do today? Sign up for Google Analytics. Then write a post explaining it to me like I'm internetally challenged, which I am! And that number 15 spot is about a 10-way tie, so I'll probably post those links tomorrow, like you don't already know and love them...but just in case.

Just a couple of issues, quickly: First of all, the DOZENS of people searching the phrase, "Am I a bad person?" Stop it! The fact that you're even wondering about it means that you're almost certainly not. The real jerks never stop to consider for a moment that they have posteriors for headgear. Secondly, I know I must have raved about them on my site at one time or another, but the recipe for Boy Scout Burgers is LINDSAY'S. And they are most awesome. Make some tonight.

Friday, October 05, 2007

He'p Me Out, Wouldja?

I have another post planned here for later, but for right now, could you culinary geniuses head over here and give me some ideas? Pretty please? Or if you wanna just stay here, the basic sitch is that I have a big ol' ham, and need to use it. Omelettes or quiche tomorrow, so leave out the egg-based ideas, but if you have a great recipe that calls for ham, could you share? Thanks, O Wise Internets!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Do You Have One of These?

next job to tackle

Or anything like it? I just posted a challenge to myself the other day at Get It Together, so that I'd have it all cleaned up by the end of this week. This pile has been hanging over my head for nearly two years, and by going public with it instead of hiding it, I've given myself some accountability, and an impetus to finally banish it. I've already dispatched more than half of it, and I'm chipping away at it every day. By week's end, I'll be completely free of this two-ton boulder on my psyche.

This has been a real gift to myself, and now, if you need it, I'd like to share it with you. So join me, if you have a secret (or not so secret) monster somewhere in or around your home that has been plaguing you, in the latest "I Dare You!" challenge, and free yourself! It could be anywhere--from a spare bedroom that always has the door shut, to a random pile somewhere in the house, like mine, to a garage that hasn't seen a car since time immemorial. It could even be outside--I have a couple of those myself, but I'm getting my house in order before I worry about that.

So, here's your assignment. Take a picture of your "monster," and however painful, post it. Either to your own blog, or in our "I Dare You!" flickr group. Put a link here in the comments, and tell us about your personal organizational bogeyman (Hey, it IS Delurk day, anyway). With accountability and encouragement, we can get each other through this, and purge these beasties.

Come on, play along, and I'll see you on the other side!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Because I Love The Pudding

The Fluid Pudding, that is. Because she talks smart and fancy, and is funny, and is kind, has made out with Harry Truman, and shares important discoveries with the world, like this one:

I Kid You NOT, buy some TODAY

It came yesterday, delivered to my office, and Alex and I went around forcing everyone to taste it, and to say, "Oh my gosh, that really DOES taste like bacon!" I knew that FP had had a somewhat disappointing first BaconSalt experiment with scrambled eggs, that involved various parts of her brain arguing with each other (I can't really sympathize, because I can ONLY eat eggs as a side dish, no matter what flavor they might be, so this is one I'd never have tried--plus, the various parts of my brain are not on speaking terms with each other), so Alex rushed right over to the grocery store and bought some big ol' potatoes.

Short review: BaconSalt baked potatoes are DEELISH. I used both the original and peppered flavors of BaconSalt on mine, and if I'd had a baked potato the size of my head with the BaconSalt on it, I think I could have eaten it. Or, you know, gone down trying. So, in the end, we had a low-cal dinner of broccoli and baked potatoes, but felt as though we ate like kings. BaconSalt + 'Taters = GOOD THING.

I speak more of this, plus the week in review and the horror of my front entryway, in a couple of recent posts over yonder.

Oh, yeah--no remuneration was received for this post, not even free BaconSalt, sadly. The BaconSalt people don't even know I exist, but for my order. Although, now that I've posted this stuff everywhere, if they just wanted to send me free swag, I'd be totally cool with that.

Monday, October 01, 2007

My Best Shot Monday

Ever since becoming acquainted with the amazing Tracey Clark at BlogHer '07, I've been meaning to get involved with her "Try to Picture This" project at ClubMom, and never seemed to get around to it. But as we've established, I'm turning over a new leaf, and trying not to procrastinate so much any more! So here is my first contribution to "My Best Shot Monday."

my heart

We were lucky enough on Saturday to get to spend a good bit of time actually OUT OF THE HOUSE (At EIGHT! In the MORNING!), and we all got to enjoy the company of Bella's super-amazing, can-do-no-wrong-in-her-eyes cousin, Grayson, child of my beautiful and talented sister. You can see more shots from our OUT OF THE HOUSE Saturday in my "Cousins' Day Out" flickr set.

If you want to play along, either post a pic on your blog and put the link up in the comments at Try To Picture This, or join the Try To Picture This flickr group and post your shot there (also adding the link in the comments of the TTPT blog).